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Test 6 – The Crush Test

For our final test we tried our absolute best to crush down the heel cups of each of our school shoes.

The Crush Test


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Test 5 – The Heat Test

For test 5 we thought we would see how our 6 chosen school shoes dealt with extreme temperatures.

The Heat Test


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New for AW12 – Hummel trainers

 Established in 1923 by the Messmer family, Hummel now specialises in fashion trainers but it’s history is steeped in competitive sports including football, cycling, athletics and handball.

 In their hay day, Hummel were proud sponsors of many international teams and the sports brand of choice but they experienced a dramatic downturn in popularity in the 90’s, but have since re branded and in their own words they have turned Hummel from “naff to cool” in a very short space of time.


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Test 4 – The Fastening Test

Test 4 was designed to show just how much tension the fastenings on your school shoes can handle.

Fastenings Test

In this test each fastening was pulled by a chain and winch until it snapped.

Here is the video for Test 4-


Geox Savage
Startrite Anaconda
Bootleg Air Surrey
Startrite Venus
Clarks Dolly Glitz
High Street Competitor
†  DISCLAIMER: Do not attempt to recreate any of the (or similar) actions executed in these videos, these tests were completed in a controlled environment with appropriate safety measures.
In first place with 8/10 we have Clarks Air Surrey, Clarks Dolly Glitz and Startrite Anaconda. All 3 school shoes held out for roughly 25 seconds before their straps snapped.
In Second Place we have Geox Savage which held out for approximately 18 seconds before snapping in two.
In third place we have Startrite Venus, the velcro strap remained attached for 15 seconds before breaking.
And in last place comes the High Street Competitors school shoe, the velcro strap snapped in just 8 seconds.
Test 4 shows just how tough the straps on our school shoes are, they have proved to be more than capable of normal school use. Whether it be a buckle, velcro or lace, our fastenings are built to last.
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Unisa Wedges for AW12

The Unisa AW12 collection is now in store and wedges are a key look for the season.

Fleur was a bestseller last winter and for 2012 Unisa have slightly updated the popular style to create Unisa Fancy. Gone is the rosette detail at the toe, instead it has been replaced by a weathered leather bow trim.


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Test 3 – The Upper Test

We’re now half way through the Golden Boot School shoe testing process and we thought that it is time to test the uppers.

For test 3 we held the leather upper of our 5 school shoes against a stone grounder for 10 seconds. Here is a video of the process.


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Coast Dress – Which shoes to match?

Jane came in with a purple dress from Coast and needed some shoes to match for a formal occasion, here are our suggestions…….

The Coast dress was for a ball at a local golfing club and having been the previous year, Jane explained that it was a formal event and she wanted  something unusual to stand out from the crowd.


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Test 2 – The Sole Gind Test

Test 2 at The Golden Boot Lab was designed to test the soles of our school shoes to their limits.

For Test 2 we marked a yellow spot on the sole of each shoe and used an angle grinder for 10 seconds to see how much damage we could achieve.

Here is our video showing The Sole Grind Test.


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Back to College Collection at The Golden Boot

Our Back to College range consists of on trend looks perfect for college including stylish flats, classic brogues, vintage style tassel loafers and ever popular ballet pumps.

Through our own extensive experience we know just how what a chore buying shoes for secondary school and college is, and so our buying team have done everything they can to make the experience as easy as possible. We have focused on sourcing good quality, well fitting product which is also on trend to suit fashion conscious teens.


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Uggs have arrived

The Golden Boot is very proud to introduce our new Ugg Australia range.

The long awaited delivery of Uggs arrived this week and it was well worth the wait. The Uggs brand was established in 1978 when the iconic boots were the staple footwear of surfers on the beautiful beaches of Byron Bay, Australia. Since then the sheer quality and unique comfort associated with their footwear has ensured that Uggs is now an international brand loved all over the world.


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