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Changes to The Golden Boot website

We are currently in the process of improving our website and introducing new features and more information.

The changes will include a refreshed homepage, clearer menu, shopping guide, blog and other minor improvements.

As part of these changes, we have stopped runnung our magazine. Our new blog’s address is

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Fundraising for Demelza House


Converse promotion to raise money for Demelza House.

This week, we will donate £1 to Demelza Childrens Hospice with each pair of Converse sold instore and online. For the whole week,  our fitting team get to wear Converse with  jeans and tshirts.

Get your Mens, Ladies and Childrens Converse at The Golden Boot!


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Geox Crush Review

Geox Crush childrens school trainers.

Geox Crush is available in black and white

Geox Crush J7328M boys trainer style school shoe in Black, size 41
Geox Crush J7328M
Geox Crush J7328M boys trainer style school shoe in White, size 33
Geox Crush J7328M

For this review we have selected the more popular black version which is our best selling school shoe, that can be used for sports and outdoor activities.

Geox Crush black


Geox Crush is a great boys school shoe, well designed to provide good support during the outdoor activities.

The uppers are made using 3 leather finishes and mesh inserts where friction occurs during the use of the shoe. Shoes come with 2 velcro fastening straps for easy-on action, perfect fit and support.

Geox crush velcro straps open



The uppers are reinforced with an additional layer of leather around the velcro straps and the eyelets are fitted with metal inserts for extra durability and longer life span.

Geox Crush eyelets

You will also notice that the stitching is made using a tough synthetic string, and double stitching is used where more tension is expected.


Stitching is very precise all around, even where the extra layers of leather overlap.

Geox Crush heel

The Geox Crush is very well padded out, including the padding around the ankle and the tongue of the shoe.

The sole is rubber and compared to some other styles it extends further onto the upper providing good protection on the front, back and the sides of the shoe. This protects the toes, heel and the arch, as well as the outer edge of your child’s foot.

Crush sole


The sole does not feel slippery and while the grip is very good we couldn’t get it to mark the floor.

Geox Chush sole

As you can see the bottom of the sole is moulded to offer a great grip on various surfaces. See those suction cups to avoid slipping on smooth floor?

The small holes seen in the sole are part of the Geox’s Respira system making the sole breathable while staying waterproof. The removable insoles are also specifically designed for breathability, allowing the sweat and moisture to escape during extensive wear.

Respira insole

The design is very rugged overall, but offers good flexibility for acive outdoor use. The sole will flex to accommodate the natural curvature of the foot while walking or running.

Flexible sole


Please follow the links below to see the 360 degree views of the Geox Crush in your desired colour



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