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Gabor Lanzarote is back for Summer 2013!

Lanzarote 63700 toe post mule is back by popular demand for Spring/Summer 2013!

Gabor Lanzarote

This is one of our biggest selections  so far  with 14 different colours  to choose from. The classics  black, white and silver  are still in great demand but we are finding  our customers are wanting to brighten up their summer wardrobes with the more zesty oranges and greens.

Gabor Lanzarote orange nubuck

Gabor Lanzarote green nubuck

Once again, this style is hard to beat for comfort. The ‘Best Fitting’ insole  is broader than average which means your foot can spread naturally when you walk. Underfoot cushioning and support is guaranteed. Also with it having a flexible leather or suede upper giving good foot coverage, you haven’t got the problem of straps irritating your feet when its hot! Don’t be put off by the toe post either, it really feels soft between the toes.

This really is a fantastic summer mule and as we stock it all year round, there’s no need to panic if you are taking an early or late holiday !

Also, take a look at Katie talking about Lanzarote in our SS13 Gabor Lanzarote Toe Post Review video.

Try a pair, you’ll be hooked!

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Pikolinos Colour Collection

In the last few years at The Golden Boot,  we have been trying to reduce our own carbon footprint in order to help protect the world we live in. We have been liasing with companies and well known brands who are making an obvious effort to reduce the harmful things that come with the production of leather products.

Tanneries use an estimated 3000 tonnes of salt to preserve 5000 tonnes of rawhide resulting in waste product polluting rivers and groundwater systems. Chromium sulphate and other salts of chromium are also used to produce stronger colours. As the problem escalates, governments are calling for action to reduce the waste and to introduce a process called Lyophilisation. This removes the need for salt, reduces the amount of chromium intake and uses less water, which is ultimately kinder for the environment.

With this in mind, The Golden Boot has decided to invest into manufacturers who are more environmentally friendly and who offer a more natural way of tanning.

For Spring/Summer 2013  we have introduced two  exciting new styles, 8242N and 9844N from Pikolinos’ new ‘Colour Collection’ range.

Pikolinos 8242N
Pikolinos 9844N

As a renown Spanish footwear designer, Pikolinos use ‘raw’ (non-dyed) leather which is treated using an ‘immersion process’ to  produce vibrant Mediterranean colours. The end result being Spanish made  shoes that are superbly comfortable, 100% natural and chrome free as well as being kind to the skin and the environment.

Try a pair, you will not be disappointed!

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Dover from Gabor proving to be a hit on the shopfloor!

Our staff here at The Golden Boot change their ‘uniform’ colour each season. And as the gloomy weather and long winter had really dampened everyone’s spirits, it was decided that the chosen colour for summer 2013 would be orange!

It has really  brightened everyone up and it blends so well with our floral themed displays instore.

The most popular choice of footwear to compliment the orange has been Gabor Dover 65.741

This zesty orange sandal sits on a cork wedge so is really comfy to wear. Fastening with a  chunky buckle it feels secure on the foot too

Those who that thought it was maybe a bit premature to be wearing sandals have opted for Gabor Age 64.101

A classic pump that Gabor does so well. Cute style in a lovely two tone finish that looks great skirts and trousers.

Some of the girls have also decided on neutral muted shades such as Gabor Soria 65.220 in taupe patent.

And Cedarwood 65.520 also in taupe patent, a lovely sling back that never dates.

We are all geared up for the summer, all we need now is for the sun to shine!









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Gabor Autumn/Winter 2013 Preview

As I write this I am on a plane to Milan to visit the international shoe fair, Micam.

Walking into The Rho Pero Showground

Micam is such an exciting show and you can always pick up on some really exciting looks and the number of brands that show there is mind blowing.

My first stop at Micam will be the Gabor stand. It will give me an opportunity to see if they have added any new developments or if I have missed any key styles.

Gabor is very often one of my first buys for the Autumn/Winter 2013 collection  as they show their collections very early.

For Autumn/Winter 2013 I have decided to offer a very strong collection of boots from Gabor. They are extremely good value for money and exceptional quality. I have focussed on their more traditional silouttes as I feel this is what Gabor do best. Take a classic riding boot like 71.636 Gatsby, looks great in black leather but will look Wow! in the navy suede/tan leather combination as shown.

I also loved 71.632 Blik, this is a really chic take on Jodhpur style boot. Im confident this will be a great seller as its such a versatile look.

I was also really please to the re-introduction of the Gabor Hovercraft sole unit into the boot collection. For those who love the Gabor pumps that incorporate this sole unit like Glitz 64.235 and Crosby 64.234 you will love 72.074 Irma, Gabor only have this available in black nubuck but I am hoping they will make it for us in black leather, watch this space!

Gabor always have a very strong range of pumps, and  Autumn/Winter 2013  is no exception and a number of styles continue. The real success in the Gabor pump range is the Hovercraft sole unit so I have added a few great options here, 74.160  Roxie, 74.163 Pleasure and 74.161 Sandie.  


If you haven’t tried a pair of Gabor pumps with this cushioned Hovercraft sole unit you are missing out, just ask any member of our sales team as they all seem to favour them for work wear, no more tired feet!

As soon as the new Autumn/Winter styles start arriving we will display them on our Gabor web page. We start taking deliveries as early as June!

 Anyway a little food thought but we really must start thinking about Summer and sandals and I need to start thinking about buying our Spring/Summer 2014 collection!


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