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Jeffery West – new for spring and summer

Passenger - navy nubuck

Passenger – navy nubuck

Passenger is an eye-catching style available in blue nubuck. The tongue and vamp are entirely woven and the red laces and stitching make a stunning contrast to the Atlantic shade of blue. The toe shape and diamond details makes this Derby lace-up elegant and refined.


Harbour - Mahogany leather

Edge- Mahogany leather

This versatile monk shoe features a double buckle and leather woven vamp. It’s an easy-to-wear style and can be dressed up or down, but certainly does not scrimp on the immaculate details we love.

Horror Show - purple suede

Horror Show – purple suede

Also available in grey, black and brown, Horror Show is no ordinary Chelsea Boot. Made on their new ‘Libertine’ last, it has  an unusual wine glass shaped red gusset and rioja suede back panel. Not forgetting or course, the Devil-Head Goodyear  Welted sole.

Amityville - red

Amityville – red

Not for the feint-hearted – Amityville is a fantastically striking style with plenty of that signature diamond leather punching across the whole shoe. This classic wingtip has truly been given the Jeffery West treatment with their red and white fume leather and exquisite details.

Tiger - burgundy

Tiger – burgundy

From their Goodyear welted collection – Tiger is made up of burgundy suede and mock croc leather. The diamond shape on the front adds that true Jeffery West feel, along with the brass shark’s tooth eyelets.

To find out more visit The Golden Boot store or see more online

See below for a sneak preview of a Jeffery West style, made exclusively for Golden Boot!


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Golden Boot Loafers

Penny loafers have been a key feature of men’s wardrobes since the 30s. Now worn by both men and women, their popularity is ever-increasing, and design features becoming more and more creative.

Working closely with factories in Spain and Italy, Golden Boot have developed their very own range of loafers and moccasins – exclusively for Golden Boot customers. The summer range is available in store and online now. The autumn and winter range are currently being developed – so watch this space!

Pastels, prints metallic and glitter

Pastels, prints metallic and glitter

We’ve taken timeless, well-loved shapes and added unique details. The silver, glittery Brea would look stunning with an all black outfit and sparkling accessories. Our pastel shades are perfect for the every day. Pair with simple jeans and a light t-shirt. The fringed and tassel loafers (Lydford) even come in shades of tan and black patent, making them smart and perfectly suitable for the office. Turville gives a lighter colour option with metallic detailing.
Rich burgeundy and navy - alongside a summery shade of cobalt and classic tan leather

Rich burgundy and navy – alongside a summery shade of cobalt and classic tan leather

Corby is a beautiful suede men’s loafer available in various shades. The flexible sole unit makes them easy to wear and light on the feet – perfect for holidays and summer outings paired with casual shorts or smarter chinos. For a tassel option Clifton is great. It’s available in the softest brown leather or dark blue suede. 8103 is a classic Italian driving moccasin, with those indicative laces tied right around the foot. All these styles are fully leather-lined, and have a removable sole unit.

Visit the Golden Boot store to see the full collection, or buy online, with free next day delivery when spending over £50.

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Mens Summer 2017 New Arrivals

March is an odd inbetweeny time when it comes to footwear. It’s still a bit chilly (I’m holding out for the day to come soon when I don’t have to wear a coat) but the sun is slowly making an appearance. Shop rails are full of brighter colour palettes and those camel chinos are calling. Shoes however, must not be forgotten at this point. Heavy black footwear doesn’t sit right with a spring or summer wardrobe, and why wait for espadrille weather when there is so much choice? Lighter options from the Men’s New Collection are filling the shelves here at Golden Boot.

Our very own Golden Boot Mulgrave is available in blue and dark red. The upper is a supple suede with a punched vamp, the lining is leather and the sole is a sturdy rubber. They’re comfortable, light, and will add just a touch of colour to an everyday outfit.

Golden Boot Reeve is another suede option. This perfect penny loafer will take you from the office to post-work dinner. They come in blue and black (with surprisingly colourful linings) and work well with chinos in spring or shorts in the summer.

Kings of comfort yet again are Pikolinos with their espadrille-style shoe Linares Available in blue or tan, this is ideal for all those family BBQs and beach walks coming up.

Planning a holiday? Grab a pair of Pikolinos. Talking of holidays, Sebago haven’t let us down on the deck shoe front. The quintessentially preppy design is an absolute sell out every summer, and you don’t even have to own your own boat to wear a pair.

If you’re on the go all weekend, then take a look at Nebula A from Geox. The breathable sole unit has been designed specifically with your super active feet in mind.

They come in charcoal or navy suede and have flexible elastic straps across the front, making them comfortable and practical.

For more formal occasions check out Tucano from Anatomic Gel. They come in various colours and are well-known and loved for their comfort and practicality. Little details like the contrasted stitching and laces make them a great addition to a smart spring outfit, and being a leather brogue, they’re transferable from season to season.

If you’re heading out out, and really want to make a statement, then who else do we talk about other than Jeffery West? Harbour has just landed in the store – a beautiful Derby wingtip as part of their Goodyear Welted collection.

They feature a woven leather vamp and tongue, a red leather insole, embossed leather sole and those signature diamond punches on the edges and toe box. If you’re feeling extra showy then go bold with the aptly named Flash.

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Jeffery West – Wild Child

Jeffery_WestMark Jeffery and Guy West. Two childhood friends with a vision of creating astoundingly unique footwear. With an upbringing enshrouded in the shoe-making history of Northampton, these guys went from re-purposing end-of- line shoes to developing a brand that has now gone state-side.

After years of not being taken seriously, Jeffery-West was established and founded in 1987, and encapsulates both the antiquity of the Northampton shoe and leather industries, and their unrelenting innovation and creativity.

At first, one may only see the brightly coloured leather, the boldy-shaped diamond punching…

The skull-wielding women on the lining and the last shapes so long and pointy they could take your eye out. Look harder. These shoes have not forgotten their history. The lines are sleek and classic, the quality of production is second to none, and the attention to detail is impeccable.

Don’t mistake the flamboyance for ignorance; these boys know their stuff, and their passion is woven into every single stitch; elegance meets cutting edge design. Time old craftsmanship shakes hands with innovation.

You only have to take a peek at their website  to understand what Jeffery-West are about. Black and white images of soirees and stocking adorned women are matched with red, gothic text, and we haven’t even mentioned the canes or spankers…oops. Too late…They do offer other extras (easy now) such as wallets, umbrellas, gloves, belts, socks and coloured laces, each depicting that signature Jeffey-West  style and attitude.

Talking of style and attitude, I was lucky enough to have a chat with Sharon, from the men’s department. I’m sure she was thrilled to have me chasing her around the shop with a notebook on a busy Saturday morning…(sorry!) but she knows all there is to know about these shoes and her customers. The moment you step into the menswear shop, the neo-gothic display can’t help but catch your eye. It’s intriguing, fascinating.

It lures you in with a perfectly manicured ‘come hither’ hand gesture. I mean, these shoes. They’re sexy!

Something Sharon has picked up on is how a pair of these shoes can change a man. She compares it to how some women feel when they put on a brand new pair of killer heels.

These guys stand up, check themselves out in the mirror and the shoulders go back, the chest puffs out a little, chin is raised, and the next thing they know they’re striding out of the shop into the high street beyond with a Golden Boot bag in hand and a few extra stamps on their loyalty card.

Sharon explained that Jeffery-West is about more than the shoes themselves. This is a lifestyle. Various last shapes have been named after famous influencers. Keith Richards, Steve Marriot, Terence Stamp, Oliver Reed, Peter O-Toole, Brian Jones, Jarvis Cocker, Bryan Ferry, Roger Moore…the list goes on! The design inspiration is derived from Victorian and Gothic architecture, biker gangs and flamboyant, verging on bizzare rogues throughout history.

I imagine many of the customers to be the same. Not that any of you are bizzare, but I wonder whether there is a certain characteristic that creates a desire to purchase a pair I imagine many of the customers to be the same.

An eye and appreciation for detail is a must. The tiny skull head zippers, and intricate diamond punching cannot go unseen. From the heel shape to the sole engraving, everything has been exquisitely considered.

A certain poise is necessary, and a nod to their historical context is of most importance. They’re obviously a talking point so one must be prepared to answer questions…especially if you’re carrying a cane…

A story to be continued but if you can’t wait visit Jeffery West at Golden Boot and choose your favourite design from our complete selection of Jeffery West boots, shoes and belts all with FREE UK next day delivery*



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Mens Essential Summer Casual Shoes.

There have been about three consecutive days of sun now. This must mean it’s summer right?

What it does mean, guys, is that you need to pop your favourite wingtips in the wardrobe for a couple of months. I know they fit like a glove, and I know change can be difficult, but summer won’t be here for long! Treat them with some leather cream, and put them to bed in their care bags.

There’s a whole world of new summer footwear that I need to introduce to you.

Mens Casual Summer Shoes from £99.00

Mens Casual Summer Shoes from £99.00

Last week we spoke about Pikolinos and their Mediterranean vibes. Well they’ve made their way into the men’s department too, and the leather is softer than ever. The upper and lining are vegetable tanned, and the sole unit is flexible and sporty looking. With the mock lace-up front, you can pair these with casual shorts or trousers, go online and book a holiday to southern Spain. (try Tarifa, it’s great fun!) Once landed, sangria in hand, take a walk along the beach and bask in the glory of having worn these Pikolinos 6986 Fuencarral for the whole time without a twitch of discomfort. You can thank me later. They’re available in European sizes 40-47  for £89.99. Price of subsequent holiday may vary.

Pikolinos 6986 Fuencarral £89.99 & Barbour Tain Stripe Trilby £29.95

Pikolinos 6986 Fuencarral £89.99 & Barbour Tain Stripe Trilby £29.95

My Father has worn deck shoes on our various holidays to Wales for as long as I can remember. In fact, I think he has worn the same pair of deck shoes on our various holidays to Wales for as long as I can remember. This is no bad thing, however. These footwear champs never look out of place. If you have a yacht, with a deck to wear your deck shoes on, then that’s fabulous. Sebagos look right at home stood underneath a glass of Dom Perignon. They’re also very comfortable confidently supporting their fellow man in producing the best open-fire fry-up White Sands Bay campsite has ever witnessed. They’re timeless, versatile and obviously, very comfortable.

Sebago Spinnaker £109.99 & Barbour Tain Stripe Trilby £29.95Sebago Spinnaker £109.99 & Barbour Tain Stripe Trilby £29.95

Sebago Spinnaker £109.99 & Barbour Tain Stripe Trilby £29.95

This season’s new offerings include ‘Spinnaker’ in wine and navy nubuck or cognac and navy leather. The laces wrap right the way around the foot, creating ultimate comfort and practicality. ‘Dockside’ is available in navy or brown leather and the new dark blue nubuck 70th. Dockside is the style Sebago are famous for. You can’t get more classic than a fully hand-stitched upper, rawhide laces and a non-slip rubber sole (safety first). Wear these with jeans, turned up so a little ankle/sock can be seen, for an immediately contemporary look.

Sebago Dockside £109.99 & Barbour Barbour Leonard Shirt £54.95

Sebago Dockside £109.99 & Barbour Barbour Leonard Shirt £54.95 & Barbour Emblem Trilby 34.95

To end this week, I have the pleasure of introducing our very own classic slip-on moccasin. Yes, Golden Boot produce their own shoes, as well as stocking a vast array of inspiring niche brands. Aren’t we lucky? They’re brand new for this season, come in bright red, vibrant blue, an all-purpose light brown, and can spruce up any casual outfit. Off with the black and white humbug office outfit, and on with a soft jacket, decent jeans and those brand new leather-lined beauties. Evening attire sorted; comfortable and polished.

Golden Boot 8103 £99.00 & RM Williams Lawnton Shirt £69.95

Golden Boot 8103 £99.00 & RM Williams Lawnton Shirt £69.95

Before buying, think about what you have in your wardrobe already, and be sure to get the colour that you will use the most. These are Italian made, and here at Golden Boot, we love to match style with functionality, so the sole unit is made up of flexible rubber, making them perfect for driving without wrecking the heel. Get them here, Golden Boot 8103 in a choice of four colourways, blue, brown, navy and red, for £99 in sizes 40-46.

Golden Boot 8103 £99.00

Golden Boot 8103 £99.00

Before I let you go, I have one favour to ask of you. PLEASE use some protector spray on them before you head off out. You can thank me for that later too…

Words, styling and images: Helen Barton

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