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Festive Christmas Windows

Golden Boot Christmas window displays are a talking point of Maidstone every year and 2016 is no exception.

In collaboration with talented local florist Sue Davies, we have created an enchanting spectacle in the ladies department, not one to miss!

img_4026img_4027Thanks to Maxitrak, our men’s window is sure to bring a smile to your face (you’ll have to come and visit us to find out more)

img_4015And the famous historical Golden Boot Christmas Express train will delight and excite the little ones (and the older ones too!)


img_4011_cropped More of our Christmas 2016 Windows….

img_4025img_4016_croppedimg_4024We hope you have an unforgettable shopping experience at Golden Boot this Christmas !












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Goodbye flip flops…hello school shoes !!!

Well that went too fast. The summer holidays I mean. Time just seems to disappear, and before you know it the kid’s are heading back for a new school year.

We want to make sure you get the most out of this new pair of school shoes, so listen up (or maybe get the kid’s to listen up!) to the next few tips for making the new treads last, and ensuring they’re super comfortable, super quick.

1. When putting school shoes on for the first time after 6 weeks of wearing flip- flops, they’re going to feel uncomfortable. Your feet will have flattened a little and your toes will have separated, meaning a sturdy pair of leather shoes may feel tight at first. Unfortunately, we can’t wear flip-flops to school (or work, might I add) so we suggest wearing them around the house for a bit so you can get used to them.

2. Our shoe styles vary quite a bit. Some times, the heel and ankle collar is cushioned, meaning they’re not going to take too much softening. As the styles get more mature, along with the wearers, the cushioned collar look isn’t so desirable, so they tend to be slimmer and more stiff. This is part of the transition into adult shoe styles and they’re gong to take a little more wearing in.

3. We suggest grabbing some Vaseline or coconut oil, and pressing the back of the heel forward and back with your thumbs. This will essentially do a lot of the wearing in before your feet even touch the ground, reducing the chances of getting nasty blisters.

4. If you’re an older person, and have developed a taste for older person’s shoes, don’t go skidding around playing footy in them. These styles aren’t built to endure that kind of wear. So if you’ve gone ahead and played five-a- side, and they come home scuffed, don’t expect much more than an ‘I told you so’ raised eyebrow! And as for Scooters….!

5. Before wearing them on the first day, give them a good polish and coat of protector spray. This will help to guard against watermarks forming on the leather. Give them another spray now and again after the first wear especially after they’ve been polished!

6. Get your hands on some shoe cream. They come in different colours, as well as a neutral (for all shoe colours), and actually nourish and hydrate the leather when applied. When leather dries out, it will crack and the shoes will wear out a lot quicker. If they’re treated to some leather cream once in a while, it will keep them in tip-top shape for much longer. Just apply a small amount with a cloth all over the shoe. Then with a clean cloth, buff, polish and shine away.

If in doubt, bring them into the shop and we can give them some Golden Boot treatment.

In case you didn’t already know, we stock trainers, plimsolls, football boots and ballet shoes. We don’t work with huge trainer brands, that’s not really our scene, so you won’t see any ticks or shell toes on display. The trainers we do stock however, are leather and are top quality. Would we offer you anything less? Schools love them, they’re comfortable, we can fit them to feet with growing room, and they’re perfectly functional and practical. It also saves a trip to yet another shop.

Oh! One more thing. We sell name tags. Buy name tags. Buy all the name tags…

Happy New Term !!!

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Helen’s Happy School Memories of Lumpy Custard, Break-Time Milk and Woolly Tights…

Memories from my first few years at school are few and far between. There are small details I’ll never forget, however. The feeling of those thick, itchy, woolen tights will never leave my legs. The limited selection of un-chewed HB pencils, picking fluff off duffle coats, the elation at being allowed on to the field at lunchtime, stringy green beans and lumpy custard, miscellaneous meat, break-time milk, hymns, desk trays.

My school picture!

My school picture!

The list goes on. Fleeting memories of wonderful feelings like getting a brand new exercise book and writing your name on the front in the best possible hand-writing (inevitably, by trying, I always messed it up)

I remember one pair of shoes in primary school. They were from The Golden Boot. Obviously. Probably when the shop looked more like this…

old shop blog 5They were black leather, t-bar, with a cut out in the centre front, on the loop. They came with a tiny sheet of tiny, shiny stickers. These stickers could be placed underneath the cutout creating ‘a whole new look’. I remember at least five or six other girls in my class having the same ones and we would compare sticker choices on a daily basis. Star, heart or crown? Life’s decisions have changed somewhat since then.

The beginning of September was nearing, and a trip to town was imminent. Smith’s for colouring pencils. Long gone are the days of ‘colouring in’ being considered work. BHS for socks and the boys’ shirts. Then off to Gabriel’s Hill for shoes. ‘Can I wear them now?’ I’d ask. ‘You’ll ruin them’ was the answer.

The evening before the first day of a new term, I’d set out my uniform. I can still see my new shoes sat patiently by my bedside table. I’d put my new pencils in my pencil case, and organize my school bag (not that it ever stayed like that for long), and I’d lie in bed, eagerly anticipating the following day. The anticipation didn’t last long either once I realised I had to do it every day for the next 12 years…

During this Back To School period we’re all reflecting on our school days. It’s fascinating hearing different stories from the various generations of people who work here. Plus, the photos are hilarious.

'Meet The Team'

‘Meet The Team’

Check out our ‘Meet the Team’ page and take a peek. Find out a little more about the lovely people who’ll be helping you this summer, and have a think about your own school memories, as there’s a prize to be won!

Win a £500 Shopping Spree

Win a £500 Shopping Spree

As part of the Back To School campaign, we’re running a Facebook competition. We’ve shared some of our stories, and often reluctantly, shared some embarrassing photos. So now it’s your turn. Share a photo with us, along with a short school memory. The lucky winner, who will be chosen at random, wins a £500 shopping spree at The Golden Boot. Go go go! We’ve had some great pictures shared already…

'Facebook Competition Entries Collage'

‘Facebook Competition Entries Collage’

Luckily, we’ve all changed considerably since these photos were taken, and the shop has evolved with us. Take a look at the photos below. If you see anyone you recognise, be sure to let us know.

old shop blog 7 old shop blog 1 old shop blog 4 old shop blog 6Words: Helen Barton

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Indecisive teenager? Here’s a few suggestions you might want to try…

It’s not easy being a teenager. The transition from child to young adult is a roller coaster to say the least. We’ve all been there, it’s just easy to forget how confusing, frustrating and seemingly never ending it is.

The Golden Boot team has seen it all. Tears, strops, tantrums, the full on screaming ab dabs. You name it; they’ve dealt with it. So parents be assured and comforted in the knowledge that you are not alone. Let’s all just take a minute. Aaaand breathe.

The summer holidays have started, and you know that day is going to come creeping up on you. New shirts, new socks, new pencil case and ink cartridges, new book bag, new shin pads. Lunch. New coat, new name labels…new shoes…

The middle child just wants a pair of those cardboard pumps I’ve spoken about before, but the school won’t allow it. She’s hit 13 and knows more than you do. Obviously. The eldest just is in dire need of a pair of slip on loafers to go with his new ‘Year 10’ look. Let’s take a look at what the options are. Ladies first…

There are some great options for our young ladies, and not just from the children’s section. Clarks offer a couple of lovely styles, one of them being Griffin Mia.

These are cute t-bar shoes with a detachable fringe front and a chucky, substantial sole unit. You can essentially have two pairs of delightful shoes for the price of one!

A great seller for the past couple of years from Clarks, has been Hamble Oak. It comes in leather and patent and is a super smart, formal brogue style shoe, with pretty detailing, laces and a small heel rise.

Pumps have become a sort of swear word for a lot of people, but there’s no reason for them to be. In the children’s range we have ?? a sweet and simple ballet pump shoe with a bow on the front. The only thing to consider when purchasing this pair, is that they can’t be fitted with growing room. When shoes have laces, straps or Velcro fastenings, we’re able to give a little more toe-wiggling room to accommodate for the next couple of months. If we did this with a pair of pumps they would fall off. Simple as. That said however, they look smart, wear well and are comfortable. Win!

If you’re into patent, then Startrite Eliza is the one for you. She’s chunky, with a cute t-bar and cut out details across the front.

When it comes to the lads in the room, we also have some great choices. The options from the men’s department are limited, as men’s shoe lasts are made very differently. They are all round considerably bigger, but if your young man is after a smarter style, as he gets older, we have a few to choose from.

Startrite Times is a lace up with a slightly tapered shape. The leather is soft and malleable, so they’ll be fitting like a glove in no time.

Or go for ??. This has a squarer toe and a plain front. Simple, sleek and smart.

If you’re after a chunkier style then we have just the one, Clarks Mayes Walk BL.

This chunky sole will keep you going for a while (no footy though). It’s a lace up with a smart appearance and a super comfy cushioned top collar.

If you’re in doubt, just ask. We will always do our absolute best to make sure your growing adults go away with something they love to wear and love to look at. Come in a see us!


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First Shoes at The Golden Boot

They grow up so fast right? One minute you’re holding them in your arms as they open their eyes to the world for the first time. The next they’re asking you to be a taxi for the evening, on the one condition you drop them off a minimum of 100 yards down the road from their friend’s house party. By house party I mean sleep over with a few close mates…obviously…

There are a few stages in between, some more significant than others. We all know how shoes affect us as fully-grown adults, which surely means they’re even more important when growing up.

Children may fidget and grumble about not getting the pair with the latest toy, but the fit is the most vital part, and the Golden Boot team knows a high instep when they see one. Those of you who have been visited us before will know how we work, but what about the first pair? Not the first pair of school shoes, but the very first pair. The first of a lot of things are celebrated, so why not the first pair of shoes?

first shoe blog 2

We know how special those first few steps in life are. Who knows where they’ll lead?

So we want to make the whole experience extra special for you too. Remember, children grow at different rates, and will start to walk in their own time. If they’re still crawling about happily, but their friends are tottering around, that’s fine.

When they start to pull themselves up onto their feet, come and have a chat with Clare and her team of shoe fitting champs. Clare’s lovely, and has developed relationships with Golden Boot families over many years, and there’s nothing she doesn’t know about teeny tiny tootsies.

Barefoot is best, but little feet sometimes need some protection and warmth, so if they’re not quite walking confidently on their own yet, Clare will advise a ‘Cruiser’. These are super light and flexible shoes that offer a little support, but don’t have a hardened sole unit. We find ‘Cruisers’ are a great way of getting your child used to wearing shoes. Having these fitted properly is vital. Baby feet are soft, and don’t yet contain any fully formed bones, so wiggle room is necessary for them to develop properly.

There are two main brands to choose from; Clarks or Startrite. But we also stock other leading brands including Geox and Primigi. Which one we go for will depend partly on your choice, and mainly on how the shoe fits. Fret not; Clare will pick you the perfect pair.

first shoe blog 13

There is a difference between a cruiser and a first walking shoe. The sole unit is a little harder and heavier on a first walking shoe, but still allows for flexibility and movement.

They’re also padded out for comfort and protection.

Once you’ve found the right pair, one of our expertly trained shoe fitters will do a series of checks. Like I said before, our team really knows what they’re looking for, and everything is taken into consideration.

Firstly, the length and width is checked using the thumbs and index finger. The depth of the shoe is noted along with the fitting around the ankle. A little wiggle test is done, and then the ultimate, the bit everyone loves; the ‘walking up and down’ test.

With the Golden Boot seal of approval, you can leave the store with a keepsake photo and story book of this special moment, a Golden Boot family Loyalty Card, the perfect pair of shoes, and an assurance that you can come back any time for advice, growth check (after 4-6 weeks ) or the next new pair!

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Visual Merchandising and Display Show-21 st April 2016

VMDS 2016Jane and I went to get some inspiration on Thursday for the new ladies shop and for the windows at the business design centre. We were mainly looking for display ideas, props and different ways of making brands stand out.

Upon arrival we were greeted with champagne! I felt like I was at another wedding fair I was at home straight away. We thought we would start by introducing ourselves to Joe Linch at Tenn who was supplying our slide system of display equipment. Straight away we loved the clean and modern look it was going to have, which should make the product stand out and group together much better than what it is. We cannot wait to see this in the new shop.

Another exciting company I spoke to was Stylo who on approach we was not quite sure wha they were about. Turns out they are an innovative print company and they have a magic product that does away with vinyl. It is a film that is static that is printed out and just grips to the wall and also an aluminium version almost like a magnet which has a stronger grip. This will make my windows 10 times as quick! I have been opened up to a whole new world. I spoke to a company called Harlequin who had an amazing display of pencils and wooden boxes transformed into little seats intermittently. Turns out from speaking to one of the team they design all the Clarks windows so it was interesting to get a few ideas from what they are doing. Andy Thornton had a wonderful vintage display that stood out too. They focus on quirky lighting and props for retailers to name but a few: Barbour and flannels. Their stand had a real feel for an All Saints shop with singer sewing machines.

There were a few other stands doing some interesting displays and some digital work. We also found a few great ways of displaying shoes on metal stands and wooden blocks. Turns out most places no longer use plastic display stands and have moved on from this as other ways look more elegant and modern.

Here are a few highlights of the show that we felt stood out.

























To finish we felt a trip to Oxford Street would be a good idea to see some windows and shoes in real life again. We ventured down Jermyn Street and then popped into Selfridges who are doing some really inspiring things. I love their shoe department; there is so much to look at. What was clear was their brands gave a clear message on their displays as theirs are done by brand it is easy to visualize but as ours are done by end of use it is about getting that brand message clear to the customer. What was clear from the show and Selfridges is that this is very important, making the brand and message clear to the customer. I am excited to start translating this message across the store along with Jane who is excited to get merchandising in the new ladies shop.

Watch this space!!!


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Skechers GOwalk 3 Review

SkechersI’m Trudi and I run Golden Boot’s men’s shop.

As everyone knows I’m slightly addicted to running! I’m taking part in the Brighton Marathon  on the 17th April to help raise money for Macmillan Cancer Research.

I have had a few setbacks in the past week whereby I have injured my foot due to pounding the concrete pavements too much! The good news is I’m told I will still be able to still compete in the Marathon. Ice packs, low impact running and lots of stretching has been advised, not so easy when I am on my feet all day!

To help with my recovery, I have been introduced to Skechers Memory Foam trainers. The ladies department have been raving about them but I was a bit dubious as I only wear trainers when I’m running!

Skechers Gowalk 3 in black

Skechers GOwalk 3 in black

I decided on the the GOwalk 3 slip on trainer shoe in black as it’s not too ‘trainer like’ to wear at work. I can get away with wearing them with trousers and skirts

Trudi wearing Skechers GoWalk 3 £57.00

Trudi wearing Skechers GOwalk 3 £57.00

I cannot believe how comfortable and lightweight they are. I can only describe it as putting your foot on a really comfy mattress, they are so light and spongey! I cannot recommend them enough. I am still wearing them to work even though my foot has improved!






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Golden Boot Visit Joseph Cheaney and Sons.

2016 marks the 130th anniversary of Joseph Cheaney and Sons (JC) opening and 120
years  in their purpose built factory. On our agenda was a tour of the various ‘rooms’ that make up the shoemaking process.


Joseph Cheaney Factory Visit


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A Very Merry Christmas…

Christmas the season of goodwill… and survival in the face of family. I know, a little dramatic, but this is the time of year that we voluntarily lock ourselves away with our families and close friends and then add alcohol. It can be both joyous and scary.

But how do you survive the season still talking to your nearest and dearest?


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The Jeffery West Collections

Goodyear Welted

Jeffery Wests’ range of traditionally  manufactured shoes with a stitch through the insole to the welt, then welt to sole. 4772 Hannibal  on a chunky rubber sole features signature features with the addition of striking red laces to match the lining.


The slightly more classically styled double monk Montrose really stands out in it’s rich burgundy flume leather upper.

jeffery west montrose


Blake Stitched

Blake Stitched construction is a more refined and flexible shoe construction that lends itself well to Jeffery West’s chiselled last shapes, such as  Rochester and Ziggy. Italian made and truly unique standout pieces. The star attraction of the collection is the Icarus shoe  in ‘dirty sober’ red high shine leather.

jeffery west icarus 2


Muse and Black Line

Made in Spain this Jeffery West range is all about clean lines. The sole units are cemented leaving a thinner sole with no welt. Signature Jeffery West styling at a lower price point. J936  Chelsea boot on the Scarface last, typifies the collection with wing tip brogue detail on burnished leather upper.

jeffery west  j936


Mods, Playboys and Jet Setters

Contemporary design in suede finishes complete with the brands signature touches, flashes of red stitching and red lining. ‘Infamous’ modern styling at it’s best! The 19590 ‘Jimmy Loafer’ , available in navy suede and brown suede, is a wear with everything with  classic  loafer.

jeffery west 19509 brown


Browse our complete collection of Jeffery West shoes, boots and accessories at




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