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Goodbye flip flops…hello school shoes !!!

Well that went too fast. The summer holidays I mean. Time just seems to disappear, and before you know it the kid’s are heading back for a new school year.

We want to make sure you get the most out of this new pair of school shoes, so listen up (or maybe get the kid’s to listen up!) to the next few tips for making the new treads last, and ensuring they’re super comfortable, super quick.

1. When putting school shoes on for the first time after 6 weeks of wearing flip- flops, they’re going to feel uncomfortable. Your feet will have flattened a little and your toes will have separated, meaning a sturdy pair of leather shoes may feel tight at first. Unfortunately, we can’t wear flip-flops to school (or work, might I add) so we suggest wearing them around the house for a bit so you can get used to them.

2. Our shoe styles vary quite a bit. Some times, the heel and ankle collar is cushioned, meaning they’re not going to take too much softening. As the styles get more mature, along with the wearers, the cushioned collar look isn’t so desirable, so they tend to be slimmer and more stiff. This is part of the transition into adult shoe styles and they’re gong to take a little more wearing in.

3. We suggest grabbing some Vaseline or coconut oil, and pressing the back of the heel forward and back with your thumbs. This will essentially do a lot of the wearing in before your feet even touch the ground, reducing the chances of getting nasty blisters.

4. If you’re an older person, and have developed a taste for older person’s shoes, don’t go skidding around playing footy in them. These styles aren’t built to endure that kind of wear. So if you’ve gone ahead and played five-a- side, and they come home scuffed, don’t expect much more than an ‘I told you so’ raised eyebrow! And as for Scooters….!

5. Before wearing them on the first day, give them a good polish and coat of protector spray. This will help to guard against watermarks forming on the leather. Give them another spray now and again after the first wear especially after they’ve been polished!

6. Get your hands on some shoe cream. They come in different colours, as well as a neutral (for all shoe colours), and actually nourish and hydrate the leather when applied. When leather dries out, it will crack and the shoes will wear out a lot quicker. If they’re treated to some leather cream once in a while, it will keep them in tip-top shape for much longer. Just apply a small amount with a cloth all over the shoe. Then with a clean cloth, buff, polish and shine away.

If in doubt, bring them into the shop and we can give them some Golden Boot treatment.

In case you didn’t already know, we stock trainers, plimsolls, football boots and ballet shoes. We don’t work with huge trainer brands, that’s not really our scene, so you won’t see any ticks or shell toes on display. The trainers we do stock however, are leather and are top quality. Would we offer you anything less? Schools love them, they’re comfortable, we can fit them to feet with growing room, and they’re perfectly functional and practical. It also saves a trip to yet another shop.

Oh! One more thing. We sell name tags. Buy name tags. Buy all the name tags…

Happy New Term !!!

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Geox Childrens Shoes and How They Fit

One of the most common questions we get asked about childrens Geox shoes is how they compare on size and fit to Clarks and Startrite.
Unlike Clarks and Startrite, Geox shoes do not have width fittings and they are made in continental sizes.

What Geox do is give the sole of the shoe a name eg. Ascari or Jocker, and this dictates the fit and width of the shoe in comparison with English sizes.

(click the image to expand) (more…)

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Lelli Kelly California

The Lelli Kelly Winter range has arrived and California has been an instant sparkly hit.

Lelli Kelly California 6712 girls glitter lace-up ankle boot in fuchsia, size 26The glittery boot is getting a lot of attention and has even been featured in Hello magazine!

At The Golden Boot we stock Lelli Kelly California in three different colours, Barbie pink, a purple and silver mix and a more sedate black patent.


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Test 3 – The Upper Test

We’re now half way through the Golden Boot School shoe testing process and we thought that it is time to test the uppers.

For test 3 we held the leather upper of our 5 school shoes against a stone grounder for 10 seconds. Here is a video of the process.


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Test 2 – The Sole Gind Test

Test 2 at The Golden Boot Lab was designed to test the soles of our school shoes to their limits.

For Test 2 we marked a yellow spot on the sole of each shoe and used an angle grinder for 10 seconds to see how much damage we could achieve.

Here is our video showing The Sole Grind Test.


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Test 1 – The Toe Bumper Test

All in all each shoe went through 6 extreme Tests in our lab, test 1 was designed to see just how much pressure we could put on the toe bumper of the shoe.

We held each shoe against a sand belt for 10 seconds, here is a video which shows the process-


Geox Savage
Startrite Anaconda
Bootleg Air Surrey
Startrite Venus
Clarks Dolly Glitz
High Street Competitor

† DISCLAIMER: Do not attemt to recreate any of the (or similar) actions executed in these videos, these tests were completed in a controlled environment with appropriate safety measures.

As you can see the results are varied and the scuff bumper on the boy’s shoes made a real difference!


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Fondant Pumps

Sugary shades of pink and lilac are popping up in our children’s range and are proving to be really popular with little girls and Mum’s alike.


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Red Bull Geox Formula 1 Special Edition Trainers

Sunday the 18th March saw the start of the 2012 Formula One season in Australia. The Red Bull racing team will be defending their world drivers championship title.

To celebrate the opening of the racing season Geox have collaborated with The Red Bull racing team to design some limited edition boys trainers. (more…)

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Converse First Stars

New to The Golden Boot- Converse Baby trainers

The traditional Chuck Taylor Baseball boot updated for babies. The shoes are really popular and being made from soft canvas with a flexible sole
so that they allow the babies foot to bend and flex. (more…)

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Elmo and Big Bird

Elmo and Big Bird are here.

Limited Edition Sesame Street Crawlers from Robeez in store now. (more…)

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