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Summer Flatform Sandals

Waking up to a stunning spring morning; there’s nothing quite like it. Light pours through the window as you stand having the first daily cup of tea, blossom brings trees back to life, and there’s an inkling of summer on the horizon…

Cut to later that afternoon. The sky is on the verge of downpour, possibly even snow, and you decided, in your innocence, to wear sandals. What did you learn? Never trust British weather.

Despite the elements still being a little temperamental, we’re starting to get in the mood for summer here at Golden Boot. Deliveries are coming in thick and fast, so here’s a taster, a little aperitif of what’s to come this season…

This week we’re talking flatforms. They vary from chunky and 90s-esque, to sleek and civilized; it’s not necessary to go full on Spice Girl just to get a bit of height.

Talking of Spice Girl, first up is a brilliant white pair from Teva. The brand’s history is steeped in a principle that ‘inside every person is an adventurous spirit waiting to be tapped’. Now, you’re not going to be doing huge amounts of adventuring in these, but they will go really nicely with light blue jeans. Roll them up a couple of times and show off the ankle strap detail. Pair with a laid back t-shirt for the weekend. Alternatively, if you’re like me and love a monochrome outfit, go for some black cigarette trousers and a crisp white shirt, creating a perfectly bold look for the office, with a little added statement.

The sole is made from a durable rubber, and the foot bed is very comfortable. I recently went on a trip to India and wore the Teva Original (in purple) on walks and treks across various terrains. Being considerably lower in the platform department, they’re absolutely perfect for all types of adventuring, and I’m still pottering about inthe garden with them now. The flatform version is available here, Teva Flatform Sandal at £45 , and come in sizes 4-8. If you’re an adventure seeker, then click here, Teva.

Next up, the Pikolinos. Available in blue and tan, they have a leather upper and lining, and make a great day-wearer. The ankle strap is adjustable and they add just the right amount of height for any day-to- day outfit. Two bold straps cross over the top of the foot, and a bright white platform provides the perfect partner for some nautical stripes.

If you hadn’t guessed by the name, Pikolinos have a real Mediterranean outlook. Having launched in 1984, they’re intention is to maintain the unique, high quality of their products with expertise and true craftsmanship. They’re leather tanning and processing is all done in-house and their ethos is driven by comfort and wear ability, over seasonal trends. This sandal is top quality, elegant, easy to wear and will still be worn in a few summer’s time. These come in at £79.99, and are available in European sizes 37-42. Pick your colour here! Pikolinos W1G-0757 Mykonos

Lastly, allow me to introduce Art, a new brand with us for Spring/Summer 2016. At Art HQ, they love a good laugh and promote their footwear with a mentality of being forever young, happy and carefree. Delightful! And the funky 4cm sole unit on this design is a true reflection of that. Lively stripes are matched with an organic looking, pared back leather upper, and the raw edge straps are Velcro adjustable. Art pride themselves on their innovation and ability to successfully interpret the view of their European market, and translate this into their one-of- a-kind concepts. These are perfect for someone wanting something unusual for this year. They’re easy-going and versatile. Perfect for garden parties and sunny pub garden sessions. Pop on a sweet summer dress and get them here Art 0486 Mykonos for £67.

To find out more about our spring and summer collections, visit our website or come in store and have a chat with one of our expert staff members.

Words, styling and images: Helen Barton

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Visual Merchandising and Display Show-21 st April 2016

VMDS 2016Jane and I went to get some inspiration on Thursday for the new ladies shop and for the windows at the business design centre. We were mainly looking for display ideas, props and different ways of making brands stand out.

Upon arrival we were greeted with champagne! I felt like I was at another wedding fair I was at home straight away. We thought we would start by introducing ourselves to Joe Linch at Tenn who was supplying our slide system of display equipment. Straight away we loved the clean and modern look it was going to have, which should make the product stand out and group together much better than what it is. We cannot wait to see this in the new shop.

Another exciting company I spoke to was Stylo who on approach we was not quite sure wha they were about. Turns out they are an innovative print company and they have a magic product that does away with vinyl. It is a film that is static that is printed out and just grips to the wall and also an aluminium version almost like a magnet which has a stronger grip. This will make my windows 10 times as quick! I have been opened up to a whole new world. I spoke to a company called Harlequin who had an amazing display of pencils and wooden boxes transformed into little seats intermittently. Turns out from speaking to one of the team they design all the Clarks windows so it was interesting to get a few ideas from what they are doing. Andy Thornton had a wonderful vintage display that stood out too. They focus on quirky lighting and props for retailers to name but a few: Barbour and flannels. Their stand had a real feel for an All Saints shop with singer sewing machines.

There were a few other stands doing some interesting displays and some digital work. We also found a few great ways of displaying shoes on metal stands and wooden blocks. Turns out most places no longer use plastic display stands and have moved on from this as other ways look more elegant and modern.

Here are a few highlights of the show that we felt stood out.

























To finish we felt a trip to Oxford Street would be a good idea to see some windows and shoes in real life again. We ventured down Jermyn Street and then popped into Selfridges who are doing some really inspiring things. I love their shoe department; there is so much to look at. What was clear was their brands gave a clear message on their displays as theirs are done by brand it is easy to visualize but as ours are done by end of use it is about getting that brand message clear to the customer. What was clear from the show and Selfridges is that this is very important, making the brand and message clear to the customer. I am excited to start translating this message across the store along with Jane who is excited to get merchandising in the new ladies shop.

Watch this space!!!


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RM Williams Boot Repairs

rmw logoRM Williams boots are renown for being boots you can rely on that are built to last. With every wear you add character to your boots the more your wear them the better they look!

There comes a time however, when your old faithfuls will need a bit of a TLC.

RM Williams Craftsman boots before repair

RM Williams Craftsman boots before repair

That is where The Golden Boot can help! We send your boots back to RM Williams on your behalf for repair.

Most boots can be repaired, the only possible exception would be boots where the leather is torn through. If you’re unsure about your boots, just e mail a picture through and we can let you know,

If you are local, you can bring your boots into our Men’s shop or if not, send them to us. Remember to include details of the repair you require and your full contact details (name, address, e mail and telephone number)

As most of the repairs are done by hand, the lead time for RM Williams repairs is approximately 4-6 weeks.

Once we receive your boots back from RM Williams, we will contact you for payment details. If it is not convenient for you to collect, don’t worry, we can send them back to you by courier (£5.00 postage charge)


Full refurbishment of long sole and heel – £100

Elastic gusset replacement – £18 each or all four for £72

Heel Tabs – £12

Heels repair only – £25

The boots come back fully polished and dressed. To keep your boots in tip top condition before and after repair, use either Saddle&Leather Dressing or Stockmans Polish to protect and preserve the leather and to cover scuffs.

RM Williams Craftsman boots long sole and heel repair

RM Williams Craftsman boots long sole and heel repair

We hope we’ve covered everything but if you have any questions at all just give our Men’s team a  call on 01622 752349. Or alternatively send an email to







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Skechers GOwalk 3 Review

SkechersI’m Trudi and I run Golden Boot’s men’s shop.

As everyone knows I’m slightly addicted to running! I’m taking part in the Brighton Marathon  on the 17th April to help raise money for Macmillan Cancer Research.

I have had a few setbacks in the past week whereby I have injured my foot due to pounding the concrete pavements too much! The good news is I’m told I will still be able to still compete in the Marathon. Ice packs, low impact running and lots of stretching has been advised, not so easy when I am on my feet all day!

To help with my recovery, I have been introduced to Skechers Memory Foam trainers. The ladies department have been raving about them but I was a bit dubious as I only wear trainers when I’m running!

Skechers Gowalk 3 in black

Skechers GOwalk 3 in black

I decided on the the GOwalk 3 slip on trainer shoe in black as it’s not too ‘trainer like’ to wear at work. I can get away with wearing them with trousers and skirts

Trudi wearing Skechers GoWalk 3 £57.00

Trudi wearing Skechers GOwalk 3 £57.00

I cannot believe how comfortable and lightweight they are. I can only describe it as putting your foot on a really comfy mattress, they are so light and spongey! I cannot recommend them enough. I am still wearing them to work even though my foot has improved!






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