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The Macadamia pump…it’s all in the detail !

The beautifully crafted 76261 Macadamia is a timeless classic from Hispanitas and one of this seasons must have styles.

blog picture 260418

Stunning intricate detail combined with luxurious soft leather and cushioning makes Macadamia such an easy to wear ‘go with everything’ pump.

76261 Macadamia Green Blossom 1

The floral ‘blossom’ print in subtle hues of pastel green and blue add an instant summer look to any outfit.

76261 Macadamia Green Blossom 4

Team yours up with anything from floaty tea dresses, cool linens or summer denims!

See our complete Hispanitas  collection for summer 2018  online or why not visit our beautiful Ladies shop, a shoe shoppers paradise!

ladies store





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Put a spring in your step

The time has come to shake off the winter blues and pack the boots in the cupboard for the new season. Those bright and beautiful skies are here, and the arrival of our spring and summer collections is giving us lots to shout about. Okay, so it’s not quite sandal weather yet, but what about something a little lighter?

For work, take a look at the loafers. If you’re feeling super smart then head for our very own Golden Boot 3973 Turville. They have a beautiful, traditional feel, and are available in tan, navy or a creamy patent.

Gabor offer Isabelle 64.2211, a more casual option in a dusty pink suede, with a brilliantly white sole unit.

If you’re after something that’s easy to wear and a little bit of fun, then you’ll adore 3615 Lozoya from Wonders. They’ve got a chunky white sole outlined with jute, sweet tassels on the front, a little bit of broguing and plenty of glitter.

For something a little more eye-catching, we have Majestic from Ash. Its silver leather upper brandishes bright metallic stars, and will certainly draw some attention.

Ash Majestic £175.00

Ash Majestic

New in from Tamaris is the perfect slip-on sneaker – 24609 Aster, available in black and ivory. The elegantly shaped front is covered in diamontes, so you can sparkle your way through the week.

If you’re feeling bold then 6107 Carrion from Wonders are ideal. You can’t miss them…wear them with a sweet pencil dress in high summer – they’re a great alternative to heels for a wedding, with their delicately scalloped topline.

Hispanitas 74822 Macadam are beautiful with light blue jeans,

Hispanitas 74822 Macadam-V7 £89.99

Hispanitas 74822 Macadam-V7

and Epworth 62.421 from Gabor offer another brightly coloured alternative, with a little wedge heel.

Gabor Epworth 62.641 £79.99

Gabor Epworth 62.641


We’re getting some beautiful heels in for the summer. If you’re starting to think about wedding outfits then now is the time to start browsing shoes and bags. Year after year  Peter Kaiser offer their well-loved classic shapes, and this season is no different. 75310 Dalia from Hispanitas is an ideal loafer-heel go between. The chunky silver chain across the front sits perfectly with the colour matched block heel. Dalia is available in black suede and patent combi, or a simple nude.


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Barkers Boots & Peter Kaiser Shoes going to Holland !

Having organized a trip to Holland, Jane was after a new pair of boots, and some simple shoes that would last the transition from day to evening.

Jane originally tried a pair of Hispanitas ankle boots, but they didn’t look quite right on her feet, so tried on a pair of beautiful Barkers, as suggested by Ed, of course. The suede is in a soft burgundy, with a couple of leather buckles around the ankle and a solid leather heel.

They’ll look great with thick grey tights, and a woollen skirt, or even just jeans and a chunky knitted jumper.

The Peter Kaiser evening shoes are in a similar colour palette to the boots, in a deeper purple shade with a black elastic section at the top of the foot.

The toe elegantly tapers inward and the tiny lift at the back make them a sophisticated alternative to a ballet pump.

Jane’s been playing about with a few outfits to match with each pair, meaning her suitcase won’t be totally filled with different shoes for different clothes! A silk printed scarf and simple sparkly beads go beautifully with a crisp white shirt and funky trousers.

One thing she won’t be forgetting, are her new shoe trees…

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Must Have Summer Flats

As I mentioned last week, I gave up on high heels a long time ago. I wore them for my graduation ceremony, and swore an oath to my feet that I would never again attempt the London underground in a pair.

I’m lucky enough to be in a job where I don’t need to wear them, I’m not a going OUT out kind of girl, and if I’m ever at a party or wedding then all I want to do is dance. I’m uncontrollable when my jam comes on and let’s face it, I’m not the type to be stumbling around like a newly born foal trying to boogie only using my top half…..So flats are the answer.

Whilst at school I had a headmaster who insisted that the female members of sixth form wore heels to ensure they looked ‘smart’. I was all too quick to point out that it is in fact, the 21 st Century, and although flat shoes back then weren’t always the most attractive, we needed to cart the same number of books from class to class as our male co-learners and… I think I made my point…there is now, however, a huge selection of super smart FLAT shoes that are comfortable, fashionable and don’t make your toes bleed. Here are a few of ours from this season…

First up we have Wonders, a beautiful Spanish brand introduced last week. 3152 Tormes is available in black and taupe and is the sweetest summer shoe. The t-bar brings back memories of traditional school schoes, and the patent leather faux reptile print with cut-out detail adds a contemporary feel.

Wonders 3152 Tormes in Black and Taupe £97.50

Wonders 3152 Tormes in Black and Taupe £97.50

It has the tiniest of heels (1.5cm), just enough to give a little lift and the adjustable buckle ensures they fit like a dream. Easy to walk in and very elegant. In black, they’d be great for the office, and the neutral taupe would go well with 50s style cropped trousers or a pencil skirt.

Wonders 3152 Tormes in Black £97.50

Wonders 3152 Tormes in Black £97.50

When it comes to a slip-on loafer, Pikolinos have got this one,W5G-3569 Royal. It’s all about the small details. The top line has a tiny fringe all the way around and the front section has a mesh-like laser cut-out feature with a bold leather band and those timeless tassels.

Pikolinos W5G-3569 Royal £89.99

Pikolinos W5G-3569 Royal £89.99

The streak of yellow along the sole unit brings them to life and the leather upper and lining will embrace your feet throughout those long days. They’re available in demin and brandy. Slip on your favourite pair of skinny jeans, a crisp white shirt and grab your Wayfarers.

Pikolinos W5G-3569 Royal £89.99

Pikolinos W5G-3569 Royal £89.99

There was a time when I thought full fringes belonged on the golf course. Shoe fringes that is. This delicate number have changed my mind. They would look lovely on the golf course, but they’d also look stunning at a wedding reception, in a resteraunt or stood in line at a swanky bar.

Hispanitas have done it again. 62497 Florencia , in jeans and new shade white, features only the heel and toe of the shoe, making it oh so fancy. 62497 Florencia  is available in a limited range of  sizes so make sure you don’y miss out!

Hispanitas 62497 Florencia in Jeans £95.00 and Hispanitas BV62946 bag in Jeans £155.00

Hispanitas 62497 Florencia in Jeans £95.00 and Hispanitas BV62946 bag in Jeans £155.00

The pointed toe looks polished and refined and the tiny buckle on the front adds a pretty point of interest. The cushioned sole and a small elastic grip guarantee comfort and walkability.

Hispanitas 62497 Florencia in Jeans £95.00 and Hispanitas BV62946 bag in Jeans £155.00

Hispanitas 62497 Florencia in Jeans £95.00 and Hispanitas BV62946 bag in Jeans £155.00

I remember when ballet pumps came into fashion. Everyone wore them and they were completely flat, with a drastic and unflatteringly low top line. I think they might have been predominantly constructed of cardboard, as they seemed to just dissolve at the first hint of rain drops. Those days are long gone, but leather shoes do need looking after. Use a good protector spray on them to keep the colour looking fresh and treat them to some leather cream every now and again to make sure they’re kept soft and supple.

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Summer Heels

You say heels, we say how high?

We’ve all been there haven’t we? The end of the night, hand-bag in one hand, heels in the other. The horrendous burning sensation setting our soles aflame every time we take another step forward. I don’t miss it. Not one bit. I’ve since given up on high-heels entirely. You won’t catch me near a pair, unless we refer back to being a bridesmaid for a friend’s wedding last summer. Even then the Birkenstocks were on within moments of the photos finishing.

I’ve often felt quite smug, stomping confidently about town in a pair of well-worn Doc Martens, witnessing tottering teens in their sky-high footwear and realising that I do in fact agree with what my Mother used to say about ‘catching one’s death’.

However, there IS something about wearing a pair of decent high-heels. There’s more to it than just lifting you slightly closer to the sky, or knowing what the weather is doing before anyone else. It changes the way we stand, the way we act, and ultimately the way we feel.

Choosing the right pair is crucial. We can’t all float around in a pair of pin thin stilettos, and not everyone can rock a contemporary block heel, or chunky wedge. That’s okay! This week is an introduction to our collection here at Golden Boot, specifically, a couple of Spanish brands, that are pretty tricky to find in the UK.

Perfect for summer, and something to consider when choosing that old school friend’s wedding outfit.

Hispanitas as a brand have evolved from making simple shoes before the civil war in 1925, to gradually attaining international acclaim in 1989. Now, having decided on the name in 1995, they’re celebrating their 25 th year. They may be a brand steeped in history, but their footwear is far from dated, and having developed a close relationship with them, we’re able to offer you totally unique styles, made exclusively for Golden Boot. I know!

Hispanitas 62916 Touluse in Natural £115.00

Hispanitas 62916 Touluse in Natural £115.00

62916 Toulouse £115.00  comes in natural and black in sizes 37-42. This little peep toe exudes timeless class, as elegant lines dress the foot and meet at a bow on the arch. They have a leather upper and lining and the heel has an unusual wood grain effect standing at around 9cm tall. Add in the small platform and this makes it a very reasonable, walk-able height. The natural shade will pretty much go with everything, and black is always versatile for an evening. Pair with a sweet summer skirt and soft blouse for a pared back, effortless look.

Hispanitas 62916 Touluse in Natural £115.00

Hispanitas 62916 Touluse in Natural £115.00


Wonders are another exciting Spanish brand we have fallen for. Maybe it’s the accent, who knows? These are FUN! Even the flats look dressy, and they all come in varying colours and textures. If you’re after something a little different, a little chunkier, bolder, then Wonders are for you.

Wonders 2632 Tamega in Coral £95.00

Wonders 2632 Tamega in Coral £95.00

These peachy blinders are called 2632 Tamega £95.00 , and come in coral and black patent leather. The straps are thicker than those on the Hispanitas, creating a cute cut-out effect on the foot and the ankle strap is adjustable for comfort. They’re leather lined and the heel comes in at 8cm, rocking a decent platform. These are a ‘go bold or go home’ sort of shoe, so do exactly that with your outfit. Grab a colourful bag too (don’t go‘matchy-matchy’- think alternative texture) and slick on a summery lipstick. Head to your favourite bar and feel easy in pottering about pain free all night.

Wonders 2632 Tamega in Coral £95.00 & Hispanitas BV63124 bag in Sky £135.00

Wonders 2632 Tamega in Coral £95.00 & Hispanitas BV63124 bag in Sky £135.00

These beauties are hand-crafted, not mass produced. They’re made with passion and love, and that’s why we chose them. They’re of the highest quality and designed to be worn and worn again. (Not that I’m encouraging you to only have one pair!)

Wonders 2632 Tamega in Coral £95.00 & Hispanitas BV63124 bag in Sky £135.00

Wonders 2632 Tamega in Coral £95.00 & Hispanitas BV63124 bag in Sky £135.00

Carrying your shoes home is one thing, but hobbling home with a broken heel in your hand-bag is a different story. So visit the website or pop in and see us in store to find your perfect pair.

Words, styling and images: Helen Barton

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Sendra boots handmade in Spain.

At The Golden Boot our emphasis is on finding and working with exciting and innovative brands, with a particular focus on quality. We have been working with a number of Spanish brands that have grown in popularity each season.

Brands such as Hispanitas, Wonders and Magnanni are all family owned and run and everything they produce is made in Spain. They all operate their businesses with a very similar ethos to our own. It is very refreshing to meet companies that are more interested in how you represent and promote their product rather than how much you buy! We have a  great relationship with all of these Spanish suppliers and over the years they have become good friends.


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headerAs soon as the nights start to draw in and leaves on the line becomes a viable excuse for being late for work, I start thinking about what pair of boots will take me through the dark months until the verdant shoots of Spring.


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25 Years of Ballerinas from Hispanitas.

hispanitas 1










2015 is a special year for Hispanitas as the brand celebrates its 25th anniversary . To mark this historic milestone, the brand have re-launched the classic and much loved ballerina ‘00177‘.

This beautifully soft easy to wear ballerina has been one of our most popular styles so far and its easy to see why ! Made from premium quality materials and unlined for a luxurious flexible fit.

Available in pretty floral print and classic navy with blue floral and snake print to follow. 00177 Macadam is quite simply understated Spanish elegance at it’s best. Browse our complete Hispanitas collection for Spring Summer 2015 at http://hispanitas.thegoldenboot.co.uk/.




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New Season’s Hot Picks at The Golden Boot.

The new Spring/Summer season is well and truly upon us and the shop is looking very spring like with new stock from all our leading suppliers, Hispanitas, Wonders and Gabor to name a few. It’s also the time of year for TGB staff to decide on their new staff dress colour for the summer. This year the popular choice is green ! It’s a really versatile colour and blends well with both our core colours black and navy. Work shoe decisions have already been made, and popular choices are…

Hispanitas 51008 Aloehispanitas 51008 aloe jeans

Coveted in the office by Tracy and Jane is the super stylish 51008 Aloe! Jeans is probably the more sensible choice for work but the monchrome white is proving hard to resist! Both colours come with a matching bag BV50950 which the ideal size for using everyday.

Clarks Orla Berylclarks orla beryl tan

Janie, who is never shy of wearing heels, is adding a touch of glamour to her workwear wardrobe with this very eyecatching design. Janie has been very happily wearing the ‘Orla Dilly’ for autumn/winter and a massive fan of the Clarks x Orla Kiely collection!

Wonders 4710 Montilla.wonders montilla navy

Dept manager Jane wears a lot of Wonders and has been more than happy with 3604 Jovita. Comfort and classic styling are what takes Jane back to the Spanish brand, so it’s no surprise she really likes 4710 Montilla. In two neutral colourways with a sturdy block heel, soft patent upper and cushioned footbed, an added bonus for long spells on your feet !

Wonders 6002 Abonawonders abona navy

Trudi loves a loafer so the classic shape of 6002 Abona has really appealed to her. And as a big fan of ‘preppy’ styling, Trudi loves the Clarks Hotel Bustle fishermans sandal which she’ll be wearing with capri pants.

There are still new styles to come and sandals to choose for when the sun really shines so new decisions will have to be made. 7605 Arlanza  wedge sandal from Wonders comes in three colourways and 51298 Jazmin in tan or 51118 Jazmin in black from Hispanitas both with laser cut detail, are bang on trend for SS15!








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Some fantastic feedback from our customers!


A big thank you to our many customers who have taken the time to leave a review on our website. We pride ourselves on our customer service and it is so rewarding  to hear what our customers have to say. Here are just a few of those reviews:

“My very first order from you and cannot fault the service. Next day delivery and very good communications throughout. I am delighted that I have found a pair of Orla Kiely Milly shoes and they fit perfectly. Thank you very much!”- Clarks ‘Orla Milly’

“I have been looking for espadrilles like these forever! I’m so happy I found this website. Not everyone can wear 3″-4″ wedges and I’ve been so frustrated that EVERY pair of espadrilles I looked at were either 4″ or flat!!!! These are perfect, fit great-look great and I know as soon as it warms up (if it ever does) I will be living in them this summer.”- Toni Pons ‘Nuria’

“Was very easy to order online and by telephone, and the shoes were delivered very quickly and were exactly like they appeared online. Highly recommend this website.” – Primigi ‘Andes’

“Well organized, clear website, helpful sales people, reliable. Will buy again from The Golden Boot.”- R.M Williams ‘Comfort Craftsman’

“Hunter Basket Weave Welly Socks – had been searching for a pair of these for ages. Was delighted when found them on this site. Received so quickly and well packaged.
Thank you.” – Hunter ‘Kids Welly Socks’

“I love my patent blue Wonder shoes with a crepe wavy sole – perfect to go with my new silk skirt and comfortable enough to wear all night on the dance floor. Can’t wait to go out on that date!”- Wonders ‘6956 Barcelona’

“I had Nordika slippers already but they had seen better days so I ordered a replacement pair from The Golden Boot. The slippers arrived very promptly within the hour delivery slot. Will definitely use The Golden Boot again for other footwear purchases.” – Nordikas ‘Natala 234’

“I pondered about using this company as I hadn’t heard of them before but I was so desperate to get my hands on a pair of Toni Pons ( my very favourite summer shoes) I decided to give it a go. The person that I spoke to on the telephone was both charming and helpful so I ordered some shoes. I telephoned the shop at 1.22 pm and had my shoes by 9.05am the next morning. So, I just had to order some more! I had exactly the same efficient experience as before. My only regret is that this could get costly as there are still lots more Toni Pons in colours that I don’t yet have. I have already recommended this shop to friends. ” – Toni Pons ‘Nuria’ and ‘Tremp’

“My wife wanted a pair of house shoes as a present and found them on the Golden Boot site, slightly cheaper than from a competitor, so I ordered them, gift wrapped at no extra cost. She is delighted with them, and I was delighted with the prompt service. The free gift wrapping option was a really nice additional touch. Well be back!”- Nordikas ‘Nicola 305’

“Ordered the boots over the phone and these were despatched quickly and with no fuss. Would purchase again from this company.” – Barbour ‘Readhead’

“a very good web site with all the relevant information of sizing and choosing the right pair of shoes,very good choice with easy payment choices.
The communication for order confirmation delivery service excellent will definately use the Golden Boot again .”- Peter Kaiser ‘Lurkezia’

Your thoughts and comments, both good and bad, are invaluable to our business so please keep them coming!


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