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Chie Mihara New To Golden Boot

We’ve introduced some wonderfully unusual brands to the store this season, and Chie Mihara is one of them. They’re designed by women, for women, so they’re feminine beautiful and above all, comfortable.

Chie draws inspiration from vintage fashion. Everything from dainty 1930s designs to bold colours of the 1980s can be found in these shoes. As she’s travelled the world she’s managed to hand-pick the best aspects of design from each country. From Brazil, come fun, frolics and femininity. Japan’s forward thinking, innovative and meticulous design structure make the functionality possible for each pair. Having stomped about the US, the appreciation for comfort and practicality was developed and heading to Spain, meant each product was hand crafted to the absolute highest standards, with the best quality materials.

The unexpected shapes and lines of this season’s collection are perfectly met with beautiful, textured materials; grained leather, hand brushed suede, napa leather, lizard embossed. The colours range from nude to dark brown, and even involve a rich burgundy.

Fan is a classic example of those 1930s influences. The heel is the ideal shape for shake, rattle and rolling, but the top line is where this shoe gets really interesting.

The lines create just enough intrigue to flatter natural shape of the foot, and the fabric choice adds a bolder touch. Add in a pretty ankle strap and peep toe, and we have, ladies and gentleman, the ideal summer wedding/hen party/soiree/lindyhop heel.

Juver is a real looker, with a chunkier feel. The heel is less shaped and they feature a small wood-look platform. This is where those beautiful colour combinations come in. That rich burgundy is matched with a soft, off white.

The adjustable buckle just skims under the anklebone, and the fresh front strap creates a stunning shape, just creeping up onto the arch of the foot. Available in 37-39 (they’re running out, quick!)

This last style, Rossa, is truly indicative of that 70s/80s vibe previously mentioned.

That vibrant orange suede is more than eye catching, and the shaping of the top line is organic and flower like, again, creating a lovely shape on the arch of the foot and at the toe. The heel is the chunkiest and tallest of them all, and cannot be ignored.

Like all of these styles, the inner is leather, for that comfort we all crave and the ankle strap is fully adjustable. Available in sizes 37-40.

These are just a few of the beauties available. You’re going to have to take a visit to our BRAND NEW women’s department to find out more. Yes. I did say brand new women’s department…

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First Shoes at The Golden Boot

They grow up so fast right? One minute you’re holding them in your arms as they open their eyes to the world for the first time. The next they’re asking you to be a taxi for the evening, on the one condition you drop them off a minimum of 100 yards down the road from their friend’s house party. By house party I mean sleep over with a few close mates…obviously…

There are a few stages in between, some more significant than others. We all know how shoes affect us as fully-grown adults, which surely means they’re even more important when growing up.

Children may fidget and grumble about not getting the pair with the latest toy, but the fit is the most vital part, and the Golden Boot team knows a high instep when they see one. Those of you who have been visited us before will know how we work, but what about the first pair? Not the first pair of school shoes, but the very first pair. The first of a lot of things are celebrated, so why not the first pair of shoes?

first shoe blog 2

We know how special those first few steps in life are. Who knows where they’ll lead?

So we want to make the whole experience extra special for you too. Remember, children grow at different rates, and will start to walk in their own time. If they’re still crawling about happily, but their friends are tottering around, that’s fine.

When they start to pull themselves up onto their feet, come and have a chat with Clare and her team of shoe fitting champs. Clare’s lovely, and has developed relationships with Golden Boot families over many years, and there’s nothing she doesn’t know about teeny tiny tootsies.

Barefoot is best, but little feet sometimes need some protection and warmth, so if they’re not quite walking confidently on their own yet, Clare will advise a ‘Cruiser’. These are super light and flexible shoes that offer a little support, but don’t have a hardened sole unit. We find ‘Cruisers’ are a great way of getting your child used to wearing shoes. Having these fitted properly is vital. Baby feet are soft, and don’t yet contain any fully formed bones, so wiggle room is necessary for them to develop properly.

There are two main brands to choose from; Clarks or Startrite. But we also stock other leading brands including Geox and Primigi. Which one we go for will depend partly on your choice, and mainly on how the shoe fits. Fret not; Clare will pick you the perfect pair.

first shoe blog 13

There is a difference between a cruiser and a first walking shoe. The sole unit is a little harder and heavier on a first walking shoe, but still allows for flexibility and movement.

They’re also padded out for comfort and protection.

Once you’ve found the right pair, one of our expertly trained shoe fitters will do a series of checks. Like I said before, our team really knows what they’re looking for, and everything is taken into consideration.

Firstly, the length and width is checked using the thumbs and index finger. The depth of the shoe is noted along with the fitting around the ankle. A little wiggle test is done, and then the ultimate, the bit everyone loves; the ‘walking up and down’ test.

With the Golden Boot seal of approval, you can leave the store with a keepsake photo and story book of this special moment, a Golden Boot family Loyalty Card, the perfect pair of shoes, and an assurance that you can come back any time for advice, growth check (after 4-6 weeks ) or the next new pair!

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Summer Must Haves!…Toni Pons Espadrilles

Here’s something you might not know. The Espadrille originated in the Pyrenees and have been made in Pyrennean Catalonia since 14 th century, with the oldest pair dating back some 4000 years. They’re traditionally made with a canvas or cotton upper and the sole crafted from jute rope is their defining characteristic. Laces would then wrap around the ankle to secure them on. The original shoe was flat, but when Yves Saint Laurent got his hands on a pair in the 70s, his wedge design was to change the course of espadrille history…

You’ll be tested on this next week…

Toni Pons is one of our most popular brands. They produce beautiful, traditionally hand-crafted espadrilles in Spain, and have been going since 1946. They’re passionate about quality and committed to continually developing their design and brand, to keep up with international trends. Each collection is divided into different ‘personalities’ to ensure there is something to offer everyone.

We have a few best sellers here at Golden Boot. Take a look…

Tarbes. Nautical but nice…See what I did there? This is a super sweet summer shoe with a mid-height heel, so ideal for day time walking and romantic picnics. The upper is stripey woven canvas, with bright red straps that line the top of the foot and wrap around the ankle.

They’re elasticated for comfort and security and have that traditional blanket stitch in a matching pillar-box red. Pair these with white jeans and denim jacket, or a pretty summer dress or skirt. If you’re into that vintage thing, then this is the perfect opportunity to sling on a pair of high-waisted cropped trousers and a bardot top. Don’t forget the red lippy. These are available in European sizes 35 to 42 and are made in ecru/navy too.

Next is Sheila. This addition is a YSL dream, with it’s 10cm wedge heel and platform, again, made from natural jute. The upper is suede, the lining is leather and the sling back is adjustable, with the tiniest glimpse of stripe. Being one colour- either beige or navy- these will go with any outfit from day time, into the evening.

They’re relatively lightweight, so are perfect for the almighty holiday packing challenge, and because they’re work so well on casual and formal levels, you should only really need to take the one pair. Who wants just one colour though? Am I right? Sheila is priced at £69.99 which means FREE UK delivery!

Nuria is the girl for me; flat, plain suede, little elasticated sling back. Perfection. Great for walking, running, jumping, climbing, dancing, prancing and all my other favourite things. These are a best seller every year and come in loads of beautiful summery colours AND qualify for FREE UK delivery! What’s not to love about that!

The only downside is, these guys go fast! So get in quick before anyone else does. I wore these with tailored culottes and a stripey shirt for a meeting. Despite being a casual shoe, when worn with a smarter outfit they work really well and are cool and comfortable to stomp about town in.

Another flat soled friend; Ronda. Unlike Nuria, this little lass is no plain Jane. She is, infact, orange and covered in flamingos. So if you’re after something a little more eye-catching, she’s the one for you.

The metallic toe adds another unique touch and being hand-stitched, Ronda truly demonstrates how Toni Pons work with their forward thinking design ideas and age-old craftsmanship coming together as one. For a full, closed shoe she’s super lightweight and easy to wear. Make them into the feature of your outfit, and pick up a pearlised or metallic nail polish to match.

Now all we need is some sunshine!

Words and images: Helen Barton

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