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Julius Brenchley Mens Window

On a recent visit to Maidstone Museum I was rather inspired by a Mr Julius Brenchley.

Born in Maidstone in 1816 and educated at Maidstone Grammer School, Julius was set for a career in the Church. However , in 1845 whilst on a European Grand Tour with his father, he was bitten by the travel bug and spent the next 22 years travelling the world.

He had many adventures. In America in 1850 he trekked over the Rocky Mountains and in Utah was attacked by Native American Indians. In Russia he crossed Siberia on a sledge in the depth of winter and in Ecuador he fell into the smoking crater of the Pichincha Volcano.

In 1864 he travelled from China to Australia and the following year he cruised the Pacific in HM Steam Frigate Curaçao. Brenchley died in 1873 aged only 56.

He left the bulk of his collection to Maidstone Museum which includes a huge Solomon Islands canoe.

With various items provided by Museum I have created a window display in testament to this wonderful explorer.

If you have a few hours spare take yourself down to the Maidstone Museum and go explore!

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The Language of Flowers

Spring/Summer Window – The Language of Flowers

The inspiration for this years Spring/Summer window was a small unassuming book that I had been given for Christmas, ‘The Language of Flowers’…


I had already established that I wanted to use all the wonderful flowers that symbolise Spring and give us hope that winter is finally drawing to a close, but I hadn’t found a strong theme or idea to draw it together.


The book ‘The Language of Flowers’ is a carefully drawn up list of many flowers and their meanings. On looking further into this idea I discovered the world of ‘Floriography’.  Floriography began its life in the Victorian era and refers to the use of flowers as a means of communication. Feelings and emotions that otherwise could not be spoken due to social etiquette, were expressed by the giving of flowers and small bouquets called Tussie Mussies.



It was a silent language that allowed people to send coded messages to each other where the use of the spoken word was not acceptable. Today we still use red roses to symbolise passionate love but many of the other meanings have been lost.  In a world where we constantly broadcast our thoughts and feelings through the updating of a status or a quick tweet, the idea of a way of expressing ourselves so subtly and elegantly struck me as wonderful.  I therefore have tried to make this the backdrop of all the beautiful shoes in the shop. The flowers are presented with specimen labels complete with their meaning and I have tried to use furniture that has at least been inspired by the Victorian era. I have learnt a lot about the flowers and will think twice before sending someone a bunch of yellow carnations in future!!

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Sneak preview . . . The Jeffery West Autumn Winter 13 Collection

I had the pleasure of going to visit the Jeffery West showroom for the Autumn Winter 13 buy earlier this month and the eye catching and unique designs waiting to make their appearance towards the end of the summer are quite simply the best yet. Think flame, monk shoes and Great Britain and you’ll be on the right track.

We always like to show the cutting edge and daring elements with Jeffery West and putting the range together was no easy task, but we are certain that our choice of leathers, designs and colour combinations will reflect that statement look.

The following for Jeffery west is ever growing in Mens. We always seek to stretch the boundaries a little more each season and I am sure our loyal customers of the brand will approve too. Just some of the highlights that will dominate the range this Winter Season include monk shoes, classic brogue derbys, cross panels, ridgeway soles, Chelsea wings and caps, punched wing gibsons, dominant colour on elastic gussets and croc leather.

I won’t give too much *more* away, but make sure you keep your eyes peeled for the Autumn Winter 13 collection. The Mens team can’t wait for the new arrivals including what’s to come from Barbour and Oliver Sweeney later this year.


In the meantime, join us on twitter: TGB Mens Department @TGBMensto keep up to date with the latest news and new arrivals.

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