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Back to School 2017

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Well here we are. Term time is over, along with the midweek peace and quiet, and at some point you’re going to have to think about getting ready for September. New uniforms, new stationery, new sports kit and of course, brand new school shoes.
This is where The Golden Boot comes in – having been the UK’s largest independent shoe shop since 1790, we’ve got this.
Getting properly fitted school shoes is important. There’s no other way around it. Children must spend an average of 30 hours per week in these shoes, so making sure they fit well and are comfortable, will result in lots of healthy, happy feet.
Every single member of staff on the shop floor has been professionally trained to fit shoes. They’re able to recognise certain characteristics of your children’s feet and recommend the best shoes for them. The brands and styles on offer are extensive, giving parents and children plenty to choose from. They’re all made from the best quality leather, ensuring the shoes will soften sufficiently and feet can breathe.
If you want to check out the styles we have, then take a look at thegoldenboot.co.uk. It can be helpful to the Golden Boot Team if you have an idea of what you like, or what you have had before, but the choice ultimately comes down the shoes that fit the best, and with an expert opinion you’ll be leaving the store with a big smile.
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Geox Nebula – spring time on your feet

Having seen the arrival of so much colour in the shops over the past couple of weeks, we can’t help but fall head over heels for this super vibrant collection from Geox. They feature the breathability technology we all know and love – and are available in yellow, orange, red, violet and cyclamen, so you’ll be sure to find your perfect colour for those early morning school runs, gym sessions and weekend jaunts.


Dark yellow

Geox’s Net Breathing System is totally unique and exclusive – it increases the sole’s breathability, making them ideal for people on go, all day, every day.



The EVA sole unit is designed and created to be lightweight, cushioned and ultra flexible.


Dark Orange

The faux elastic laces make Geox Nebula easier than ever to slip on and off, and the suede and mesh combination makes for a contemporary, clean aesthetic.



Packed with personality, Geox Nebula are perfect for travelling – keeping feet looking and feeling extra fresh.


Dark Violet

This rainbow of colour from Geox are available from The Golden Boot for a limited time only – get yours now!

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Goodbye flip flops…hello school shoes !!!

Well that went too fast. The summer holidays I mean. Time just seems to disappear, and before you know it the kid’s are heading back for a new school year.

We want to make sure you get the most out of this new pair of school shoes, so listen up (or maybe get the kid’s to listen up!) to the next few tips for making the new treads last, and ensuring they’re super comfortable, super quick.

1. When putting school shoes on for the first time after 6 weeks of wearing flip- flops, they’re going to feel uncomfortable. Your feet will have flattened a little and your toes will have separated, meaning a sturdy pair of leather shoes may feel tight at first. Unfortunately, we can’t wear flip-flops to school (or work, might I add) so we suggest wearing them around the house for a bit so you can get used to them.

2. Our shoe styles vary quite a bit. Some times, the heel and ankle collar is cushioned, meaning they’re not going to take too much softening. As the styles get more mature, along with the wearers, the cushioned collar look isn’t so desirable, so they tend to be slimmer and more stiff. This is part of the transition into adult shoe styles and they’re gong to take a little more wearing in.

3. We suggest grabbing some Vaseline or coconut oil, and pressing the back of the heel forward and back with your thumbs. This will essentially do a lot of the wearing in before your feet even touch the ground, reducing the chances of getting nasty blisters.

4. If you’re an older person, and have developed a taste for older person’s shoes, don’t go skidding around playing footy in them. These styles aren’t built to endure that kind of wear. So if you’ve gone ahead and played five-a- side, and they come home scuffed, don’t expect much more than an ‘I told you so’ raised eyebrow! And as for Scooters….!

5. Before wearing them on the first day, give them a good polish and coat of protector spray. This will help to guard against watermarks forming on the leather. Give them another spray now and again after the first wear especially after they’ve been polished!

6. Get your hands on some shoe cream. They come in different colours, as well as a neutral (for all shoe colours), and actually nourish and hydrate the leather when applied. When leather dries out, it will crack and the shoes will wear out a lot quicker. If they’re treated to some leather cream once in a while, it will keep them in tip-top shape for much longer. Just apply a small amount with a cloth all over the shoe. Then with a clean cloth, buff, polish and shine away.

If in doubt, bring them into the shop and we can give them some Golden Boot treatment.

In case you didn’t already know, we stock trainers, plimsolls, football boots and ballet shoes. We don’t work with huge trainer brands, that’s not really our scene, so you won’t see any ticks or shell toes on display. The trainers we do stock however, are leather and are top quality. Would we offer you anything less? Schools love them, they’re comfortable, we can fit them to feet with growing room, and they’re perfectly functional and practical. It also saves a trip to yet another shop.

Oh! One more thing. We sell name tags. Buy name tags. Buy all the name tags…

Happy New Term !!!

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*WIN a chocolate making day out !!*

We have teamed up with the lovely people at Chocolate Raindrops to offer the winner of our Design An Easter Egg Competition the chance to enjoy a fun filled day out chocolate making and much more !


The design can be a picture that has been painted or drawn, something  made or a decorated egg! The lucky winner can take three of their friends to Chocolate Raindrops  where they can re-create their design using delicious Belgian chocolate. It really is an enjoyable day out  making and sampling scrumptious chocolate treats!

choc raindrops









You can enter the competition by posting picture of your egg design on our Facebook page.

The competition is running now and all throughout the Easter holidays and closes on the 15th April. Good luck everyone!

Why not come and take a look at our colourful children’s  Easter window complete with Humpty Dumpty in a hot air balloon surrounded by chocolate eggs ! You can pick up a leaflet instore too about the competition.

humpty window

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What Makes Geox Special?

Geox – Back to School Analysis

geox breathes (more…)

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Geox Childrens Shoes and How They Fit

One of the most common questions we get asked about childrens Geox shoes is how they compare on size and fit to Clarks and Startrite.
Unlike Clarks and Startrite, Geox shoes do not have width fittings and they are made in continental sizes.

What Geox do is give the sole of the shoe a name eg. Ascari or Jocker, and this dictates the fit and width of the shoe in comparison with English sizes.

(click the image to expand) (more…)

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Geox for the boys AW12

Geox is always popular with boys and we have fantastic new styles ready and waiting to begin AW12.

Geox Elvis G is a stylish choice of casual wear for the weekend. It’s a good choice for the fashion conscious as it is following the high top trainer trend and the chunky rubber sole is hard wearing and tough.


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Geox boots for girls AW12

The days of Geox being just a kids trainer brand are long gone. At The Golden Boot we stock a comprehensive range of their childrens footwear including school shoes, trainers, sandals and boots. With Winter fast approaching we thought we would focus on their girls boot collection.

For AW12 Geox boot collection for girls mixes classic Italian styling with fun designs that appeal to fashionable young girls.

Geox Olivia T is a good casual design that you could wear with either jeans or with skirts. The trendy bike boot style is practical for the winter months, as it has a sturdy sole and superior grip. The fur trim which peeps out the top of the boot adds a cute cozy feel and would look great with thick cable cord tights.


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Geox Red Bull Formula 1 Shoes

 Geox and Red Bull have collaborated to design high performance footwear suitable for F1 conditions which is avaliable to buy from The Golden Boot.

Geox are official partners to the Red Bull F1 team and provide all of their racing footwear. The famous brand have used all their technolgical know how and experience of the extreme conditions associated with the sport to make the same high performace technolgy avaliable to our customers. This means that the two replica styles that we stock really do follow all the strict standards as the shoes worn by Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber while racing.

The brand collaboration has used both collabortaion and research to produce footwear that is built to cope with high temperatures, tension and extreme driving. In fact Geox U221GM F1 Redbull is the first fully breatable racing boot ever produced.

Both styles in the specialist range are made from Kangaroo leather which is chosen for it’s maleable qualiaties. The lightweight leather fits like a glove against the foot for the ultimate comfortable experience but remains hard wearing and durable.

In compliance with FIA, all F1 boots have to be fireproof and so both these Geox styles avaliable for you to buy are also fireproof, although we do not recommend testing this theory out!

The rubber sole unit on these boots is key to speed driving, it has an ultra flat design so that it fits exactly against the pedal with excellent grip properties to ensure no slipping while racing. The soles of these two Geox styles are again fireproof and anti abrasion and has large perforations all over the surface for breathability.


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Men’s clothing highlights for AW12

Our men’s clothing range is increasing with new pieces from Geox, Barbour, Dubarry and R.M Williams.

Here is a selection of what we have on offer, firstly we will focus on Men’s accessories from the famous country lifestyle brand Barbour.

Flat caps are synonymous with the Barbour brand and outdoor pursuits, our new selection includes-

The traditional Barbour Wax cap which is made from medium weight thorn proof wax. This style is made for all weathers as it is extremely water resistant.

The Crief cap from Barbour is a classic woolen tweed with a herringbone pattern containing shades of green, brown and blue.

The Barbour cord cap is made from cotton making is soft and comfortable to wear, the cap has a quilted satin lining.


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