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The Golden Boot Christmas

At the Golden Boot, we pride ourselves on creating a wonderfully unique and luxurious shopping experience, whether you’re buying school shoes for the kids, or treating yourself to something special.

Christmas is when we are truly in our element. The packed-out shop is looking sparkly and festive, the mulled cider is flowing and beautiful gifts are flying off the shelves. There are a few little extras we offer at Christmas time.

If present wrapping isn’t your forte and ribbons have you in a muddle, then fear not. Our super-talented team of gift-wrapping experts will ensure your Golden Boot boxes take centre stage underneath the Christmas tree.


Christmas blog


If you can’t decide on one specific gift for a loved one (or they’re a particularly picky recipient) then we offer Golden Boot Gift Vouchers from £5 upwards.


Christmas blog 1


A couple of things to remember…

If you’re purchasing a gift for someone else, be sure to ask for a Gift Receipt at the till. We have an extended returns period, up to and including 13th January, but a Gift Receipt will need to be presented when returning an item.

Our opening times vary throughout Christmas and New Year, so be sure to check our website or see below…

Christmas opening hours online(1)



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What Makes Geox Special?

Geox – Back to School Analysis

geox breathes (more…)

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Geox boots for girls AW12

The days of Geox being just a kids trainer brand are long gone. At The Golden Boot we stock a comprehensive range of their childrens footwear including school shoes, trainers, sandals and boots. With Winter fast approaching we thought we would focus on their girls boot collection.

For AW12 Geox boot collection for girls mixes classic Italian styling with fun designs that appeal to fashionable young girls.

Geox Olivia T is a good casual design that you could wear with either jeans or with skirts. The trendy bike boot style is practical for the winter months, as it has a sturdy sole and superior grip. The fur trim which peeps out the top of the boot adds a cute cozy feel and would look great with thick cable cord tights.


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Test 3 – The Upper Test

We’re now half way through the Golden Boot School shoe testing process and we thought that it is time to test the uppers.

For test 3 we held the leather upper of our 5 school shoes against a stone grounder for 10 seconds. Here is a video of the process.


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Test 2 – The Sole Gind Test

Test 2 at The Golden Boot Lab was designed to test the soles of our school shoes to their limits.

For Test 2 we marked a yellow spot on the sole of each shoe and used an angle grinder for 10 seconds to see how much damage we could achieve.

Here is our video showing The Sole Grind Test.


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Test 1 – The Toe Bumper Test

All in all each shoe went through 6 extreme Tests in our lab, test 1 was designed to see just how much pressure we could put on the toe bumper of the shoe.

We held each shoe against a sand belt for 10 seconds, here is a video which shows the process-


Geox Savage
Startrite Anaconda
Bootleg Air Surrey
Startrite Venus
Clarks Dolly Glitz
High Street Competitor

† DISCLAIMER: Do not attemt to recreate any of the (or similar) actions executed in these videos, these tests were completed in a controlled environment with appropriate safety measures.

As you can see the results are varied and the scuff bumper on the boy’s shoes made a real difference!


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School Shoes- Tested to the Max!!

For Back to School 2012 we are so confident in the quality of the footwear that we sell that we have decided to test our bestsellers to their absolute limits.

Firstly we wanted to see how they performed in the normal school environment and so with the help of 5 children we put them to the test. The shoes were worn to school and on some weekends for 4 whole months to see how they stood up to normal tear and wear.


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Back to School Video 2012

Back to School is fast approaching and our campaign to find good value durable shoes is on.


Check out our video below to see a summary of the testing process that our 5 shoes completed to make sure they were up to The Golden Boot quality standard.

We tested Startrite Anaconda, Clarks Dolly Glitz, Geox Savage, Clarks Air Surrey and Startrite Venus. We compared our results to a competitor’s product to see how our fitted product differs in quality to school shoes from the high street and supermarkets.

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Camper Right for Wedding

Amelia visited our Children’s store after school yesterday looking for a very special pair of shoes for her Uncle’s wedding at the weekend.

Amelia was very proud of her beautiful Monsoon dress that her Daddy had chosen for her and had come in especially with her Mummy to get matching shoes.


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Geox Trainers- perfect for PE

At The Golden Boot we have a good range of plain trainers from Geox perfect for the school playground or P.E.


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