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The Golden Boot Welly Wanging Competition

Following the last years success of our Welly Wanging Competition, we would like to continue offering this fundraising event. It’s been three years since we’ve started to offer our Welly Wanging competition to the local school fetes. As always The Golden Boot is happy to contribute.

The Welly Wanging competition is really great and offers another source for the fund raising. It is basically a welly throwing competition split into men’s, women’s and 3 age groups for the kids.

We supply the prizes (£20 Golden Boot vouchers for each category) and the Welly Wanging kit consisting of wellies, markers and a poster/score board. All schools require is someone to run it, your charity will receive all the proceeds.

All we ask in return is to collect and promptly return the kit and to provide us with the winner details, amount raised and any photographs obtained of the event. We need this to make the information available on our website.

Spaces still available for the Summer 2011, please contact us if yout school is interested in participating.

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