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Welcome to The Golden Boot. My name is Edward and I’m the seventh generation of my family to be running the business. Shopping at The Golden Boot is a truly unique experience, one that we wish our online customers to benefit from as well, so we have created this website to include all our wonderful in-store shopping features. We will create product recommendations specifically for you, based on what you love and generated from our experienced shop-floor team. If you’re ever in need of any advice on brands, styles, specific products or fitting, we have people on hand to guide you to finding your perfect purchase.

Pikolinos Colour Collection

Pikolinos Colour Collection

In the last few years at The Golden Boot,  we have been trying to reduce our own carbon footprint in order to help protect the world we live in. We have been liasing with companies and well known brands who are making an obvious effort to reduce the harmful things that come with the production of leather products.

Tanneries use an estimated 3000 tonnes of salt to preserve 5000 tonnes of rawhide resulting in waste product polluting rivers and groundwater systems. Chromium sulphate and other salts of chromium are also used to produce stronger colours. As the problem escalates, governments are calling for action to reduce the waste and to introduce a process called Lyophilisation. This removes the need for salt, reduces the amount of chromium intake and uses less water, which is ultimately kinder for the environment.

With this in mind, The Golden Boot has decided to invest into manufacturers who are more environmentally friendly and who offer a more natural way of tanning.

For Spring/Summer 2013  we have introduced two  exciting new styles, 8242N and 9844N from Pikolinos’ new ‘Colour Collection’ range.

Pikolinos 8242N
Pikolinos 9844N

As a renown Spanish footwear designer, Pikolinos use ‘raw’ (non-dyed) leather which is treated using an ‘immersion process’ to  produce vibrant Mediterranean colours. The end result being Spanish made  shoes that are superbly comfortable, 100% natural and chrome free as well as being kind to the skin and the environment.

Try a pair, you will not be disappointed!

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