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Enter our Facebook competition to win a pair of Marvel X Clarks Trainers

For this Back To School we are a running a super competition!

The prize is a pair of Marvel X Clarks exclusive super hero trainers. Upload your shoe design and Super Hero’s name on social media and don’t forget to tag us. Competition closes on Sunday 16th September 2018…so Get Designing!

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Celebrating Summer – Golden Boot Ladies’ evening 2018

The Golden Boot hosted a fantastic evening event last Thursday, in celebration of the newly extended Ladies’ Department.

Ladies eve invite2




Jorge and Gema – owners of Wonders flew over from Spain especially for this evening, as an opportunity to meet the Golden Boot team and chat with our shoe-loving customers.


Amazing floral displays brought the shop to life and showcased the work of local flower plot and florist – Blooming Green


Stunning gin cocktails and amazing canapes were prepared by Café Frederic.


The party atmosphere was set to the sound of Brendan, our amazing musician for the evening.


Exclusive products was brought in especially for the evening – from Chie Mihara, Martinelli, Pikolinos, Wonders and Sendra.

IMG_5590 Screenshot (174)

Guests sipped, nibbled, browsed the spring and summer collection and tried on hundreds of shoes. All thanks to the help our the incredible Golden Boot team.



As a special thank you, all guests received a beautiful goody bag to take home – filled with delicious macarons from Frederics, handmade biscuits from Canary and Cuckoo (all designed to fit with our seasonal theme!), plus sweet gifts from a few of our lovely brands. Our favourite of course, has to be the purses designed specifically for the evening and handmade in Spain. Available in vibrant shades of red, blue and yellow, they’re the perfect size for everything you’d need for a night out and we hope you love them as much as we do!


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Sunshine Shoes

The new SS18 collection from Clarks has started landing in the Golden Boot Children’s Department. Crown Jump and City Jungle are two of our favourites – their vibrant hues are sure to brighten your day.

See the full Clarks Children’s collection here

This February half-term Golden Boot are giving away two pairs of Clarks shoes! For your chance to WIN a pair, simply visit our Facebook page, and like and share the competition post – Good luck!

X Ultra LTR CTX Women Shrew Burrow 2clarksandbobux03


X Ultra LTR CTX Women Shrew Burrow 2clarksandbobux05

X Ultra LTR CTX Women Shrew Burrow 2clarksandbobux09



X Ultra LTR CTX Women Shrew Burrow 2clarksandbobux15


X Ultra LTR CTX Women Shrew Burrow 2clarksandbobux16


X Ultra LTR CTX Women Shrew Burrow 2clarksandbobux18

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RM Williams – Limited Edition Chinchilla Boot

For those of you who love RM Williams as much as we do – you’ll be just as excited about this stunning RM Williams Chinchilla boot. Get it whilst it’s still here…



One single piece of leather is moulded over the boot last, creating a sleek and smart look, and an extra-durable boot


The sole unit is attached to the upper using an English technique called ‘Goodyear Welting’. This makes the boot strong and sturdy, and also means the sole can be removed and replaced at the original factory.


All RM Williams Boots are hand crafted in Adelaide Australia, using age-old techniques.


The fabric tugs at the back are stitched right the way down into the heel counter, ensuring they’ll never come lose.


Get your Limited Edition Chinchilla boots in store or online at

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Back To School with Geox

Geox is one of the most popular brands at The Golden Boot, and throughout the Back To School period, they fly off shelves onto very happy feet. They’re all made with top-quality leather, and feature that super-breathable technology that Geox is known for, making them perfect for everyday, all-day wear.

This summer they’re giving away a free Geox XLIGHT key chain with every pair of Geox school shoes!

landscape poster


geox asset


Savage G Black 1

Geox Savage is a popular choice for super active boys. The sporty-style sole unit is ideal for running around, and the toe bumper ensures they stay looking smart and un-scuffed. Two extra-strong Velcro straps keep feet and ankles sturdy and the cushioned collar makes for a comfortable fit. Geox Savage is a deep-fitting design, making them great for wider feet, and allowing for plenty of growing room. Another sporty option is Geox Giant A.

geox asset2J Federico M Black 1This smarter style is Geox Federico M. As boys get older, they might feel like wearing something a little more sophisticated, and this design is a great option. The sole unit is still strong and durable and the cushioned collar adds comfort, whilst laces and the elegant toe shape make Federico M ideal for teenage boys. Another similar style is Federico H

geox asset3GO J64200Casey Blk 1

Geox Casey GO is a classic t-bar style, with a chunky, modern twist. The buckle is strong and has an elastic insert for ease and comfort. The collar is cushioned, making them comfortable for everyday wear and that solid sole unit is ideal for hiking to and from school. We also love Geox Casey GN – a funky patent leather brogue.

geox asset4Agata A Blk 1


We love those classic details featured in Geox Agata. Fringes and tassels always look great, making for a smart school choice. That solid sole unit features again here, meaning they’re comfortable and durable too. If you’re a fan of the slimmer sole then take a look at Agata C – another brogue option.

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Sally’s Top Picks for Back to School !

This week we’re talking top picks. The Back To School fun has begun, as parents and children fill the shop, ready and waiting to get their brand new pair of school shoes for the new academic term ahead. Boxes are flying off shelves, laces are being looped and smiling faces are walking back up Gabriels Hill with arms full of Golden Boot bags.

I spoke to Sally. Shoe fitting extraordinaire, and discovered her children’s wear top picks for this season. So as a bit of BTS preparation, or…homework…you can read on and get an idea of the kind of thing you might be looking for. That way, when you arrive at the shop you can proudly announce to your designated Golden Boot Shoe Fitter, that your son would like to try on ‘Geox Savage G, as he has a slightly broad foot and needs something durable’. * a round of applause *

Talking of Geox, Savage G is a good, solid style. It has a super grippy sole unit, a removable leather inner sole and fits high around the ankle, so is great for all round support.

Geox Savage G

Geox Savage G

Another great choice is William A. This is a slightly smarter style; a real favourite of Sally’s because the upper is really soft, making the wearing-in process a little easier for tiny feet. The ankle is padded and there is one ankle strap making them comfortable and easy to kick off at the end of a long school day.

Geox William A

Geox William A
















For the girls in the house, Sally’s preference is Agata A. She’s a loafer fan, is Sally, as they’re a timelessly smart style. Agata A has a durable, yet flexible sole unit and is leather lined for comfort and breathability.

Geox Agata A

Geox Agata A

Next, we’re on to Clarks, a very popular brand with a lot of our customers. Children’s feet grow at an alarming rate, and turn up in all shapes and sizes. It’s for this reason that one of Sally’s go to shoes is Flare Lite Inf & Jnr for young lads.

Clarks Flare Lite

Clarks Flare Lite

It’s stocked in width fittings E-H i.e. really narrow, to really broad, meaning the perfect fit is inevitable. To make it extra secure for all that running around, there are three Velcro straps and a doubly durable toe section and sole.

Willis Lad BL is a great choice for a young man. Being part of the Bootleg range, they’re a little more adult, but still durable, comfortable and breathable. They’re a popular style, and like Flare Lite, they come in different width fittings and half sizes to accommodate all kinds of feet.

Clarks Willis Lad BL

Clarks Willis Lad BL








Selsey Fudge is a great choice for girls across the board, ranging in sizes 10-6.5 in width fittings F-G. This is another timeless style, with a sweet, en trend T-bar and a smart design.

Clarks Selsey Fudge

Clarks Selsey Fudge

As an alternative, Sally would recommend Tizz Honey BL. This little brogue style shoe is a real winner. It’s a lace up, is durable and has a little heel padding for protection.

Clarks Tizz Honey BL

Clarks Tizz Honey BL

Lastly, I asked Sally about Startrite. Tarantula is basically bomb proof. For toe protection, there’s a large rubber bumper.

Startrite Tarantula

Startrite Tarantula
















Sole durability is covered, the collar is extra padded, a jelly cushion has been added for comfort and if that’s still not enough, there’s a glow in the dark spider on the side…please form an orderly line…

Startrite Tarantula

Startrite Tarantula

For the lads whose glow in the dark spider days are gone, Startrite offer Dylan. This is a lace-up, smart, moccasin style shoe that also comes with a Velcro option, known as Miles.

Startrite Dylan

Startrite Dylan
















If your girls aren’t into glow in the dark spiders either, then rest assured Sally has picked them something they’re going to love. Not to be too gender specific, we have Princess Elza, which comes with interchangeable charms, a lightweight flexible sole unit and a removable leather insole.

Startrie Princess Elza

Startrite Princess Elza
















However, our lasses still do plenty of running around, so this design features a rubber bumper and padded ankle to ensure they last.

Startrie Princess Elza

Startrite Princess Elza

We all know how much I love Doc Martens. I’d stomp around them all year if I weren’t told that they were inappropriate for a summer wedding. Pffft, inappropriate?

Stilettos on gravel are inappropriate. Anyway, Sally has my back on her choice of Impulsive; a super chunky DM-style school shoe with cute brogue detailing and ribbon laces. * Swoon *

Startrite Impulsive

Startrite Impulsive
















They come in ordinary leather and patent and are part of Startrite’s senior brand Angry Angels. Oh, they also come with leopard print laces for the weekend…please form an orderly line…

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1790 was when it all began

1790 was when it all began. Way back when, yesteryear, the olden days. Seven generations on and it’s still in the loving hands of the very same family…Wow.

Number 36, Gabriels Hill was the original site, and in 1845 the shop moved to number 25. 35 years later the shop moved yet again to where the ladies department sits now, due to a fire in the Grocers. Poor Mr. Ralph…

Around this same time, workshops opened in Palace Yard, where 20 skilled craftsmen made half of the stock. Along came the famous 6ft golden Wellington boot mounted on the front, and the well known, well-loved brand we have today was established.

Run by father and son team extraordinaire, Lawrence (Chairman) and Ed (MD), this shop has transformed beyond recognition over the many years it’s been fitting and serving shoes to its customers. The Golden Boot now boasts an extensive family shoe shop and dedicated online store, selling men’s, women’s, and children’s shoes from companies in the UK and across the globe. Despite these changes, there is one thing that hasn’t altered since the day the shop first opened; the absolute undeniable love, passion and commitment to providing the shoppers of Maidstone with care, a pair of top quality shoes and a happy, memorable experience. We’ve been doing this for over 225 years now, and have become a leading, independent shoe shop. * puffs out chest*

Now, forgive me if I’ve mentioned this before (I’ve definitely mentioned this before) but the Golden Boot team knows their stuff. Fitting properly is number one, and handpicking brands that work with the same ethos comes in at a close second. This father and son team scours global trade shows and researches trend markets. They visit factories regularly and place the emphasis of their never-ending work on quality, innovation and progression. So you lovely lot can come in, have a coffee, a casual browse and then go home with a wonderful new pair of shoes, after being treated like a King/Queen/Prince/Princess/Maharaja

As part of our Back To School proceedings, we’re going to be introducing you to a few members of our shoe fitting team. Who better to start off with, than Sue? Lovely Sue. This diamond lass has been working for Golden Boot for 45 years. 45 YEARS.

Can we get a round of applause? In fact, and I’m not sure whether Sue knows this, but she fitted my school shoes…amazing isn’t even close.

It was 1971, and this groovy chick with long dark hair heard of a job offer at the shoe shop in town through a friend. After nailing the interview, she went on to work in the children’s department, and here she is now, showing the newbies what’s what, and being a perfectly beautiful example of the family ethos at Golden Boot.

Sue doing her thing circa 1971 !

Sue doing her thing circa 1971 !














Sue’s favourite part of the job is fitting young children’s shoes, between the ages of four and ten (the cuties- they’re old enough to not fidget so much, and young enough to still believe the mini train in the shop runs on fairy dust). She also loves it when families have come back in for new shoes with their children, and grandchildren. My heart is melting!

Sue’s seen many a transformation and tells me she particularly remembers the change from having one cash desk, to having electric tills in every department. The transition to online shopping was a significant move too. Her most memorable moment however, was receiving a beautiful bracelet for 25 years of service to Golden Boot; a special gift for a special lady.

To prepare you for this summer holiday period, I’ve asked Sue for a couple of top tips. She maintains calm at all times, and never rushes, as this causes mistakes to happen. Sue also recommends always buying well fitting, sturdy and hardwearing shoes for a new year.

Check back in with us next week to find out about more of our team members, and

get more top tips for Back To School…

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Christmas Party Field Guide – Or Social Butterfly Watching By Brigid Coady

The Christmas party season is upon us. The time of year where you see your work colleagues in a whole new light and some of it is less flattering than you’d like. It is also the time of year that caterpillars turn into butterflies as we shed our every day clothes for something with a bit more sparkle or style.

But how can you spot the type of butterfly people are? Well I find that taking a look at their party shoe choice can help. And as it is the season of goodwill I have a compiled a quick field guide to help you navigate the party season.


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The best repair by the people who made them

repairs_bannerAt The Golden Boot we offer a repair service for all our handmade shoes Barker, Loake, Joseph Cheaney, Jeffery West and R.M Williams. This involves the shoes being sent back to the manufacturer to be refurbished i.e. long sole, heel, linings and upper re-dressing. (more…)

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Turners Cider Competition

2015-10-30 card

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