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Mens Summer 2017 New Arrivals

March is an odd inbetweeny time when it comes to footwear. It’s still a bit chilly (I’m holding out for the day to come soon when I don’t have to wear a coat) but the sun is slowly making an appearance. Shop rails are full of brighter colour palettes and those camel chinos are calling. Shoes however, must not be forgotten at this point. Heavy black footwear doesn’t sit right with a spring or summer wardrobe, and why wait for espadrille weather when there is so much choice? Lighter options from the Men’s New Collection are filling the shelves here at Golden Boot.

Our very own Golden Boot Mulgrave is available in blue and dark red. The upper is a supple suede with a punched vamp, the lining is leather and the sole is a sturdy rubber. They’re comfortable, light, and will add just a touch of colour to an everyday outfit.

Golden Boot Reeve is another suede option. This perfect penny loafer will take you from the office to post-work dinner. They come in blue and black (with surprisingly colourful linings) and work well with chinos in spring or shorts in the summer.

Kings of comfort yet again are Pikolinos with their espadrille-style shoe Linares Available in blue or tan, this is ideal for all those family BBQs and beach walks coming up.

Planning a holiday? Grab a pair of Pikolinos. Talking of holidays, Sebago haven’t let us down on the deck shoe front. The quintessentially preppy design is an absolute sell out every summer, and you don’t even have to own your own boat to wear a pair.

If you’re on the go all weekend, then take a look at Nebula A from Geox. The breathable sole unit has been designed specifically with your super active feet in mind.

They come in charcoal or navy suede and have flexible elastic straps across the front, making them comfortable and practical.

For more formal occasions check out Tucano from Anatomic Gel. They come in various colours and are well-known and loved for their comfort and practicality. Little details like the contrasted stitching and laces make them a great addition to a smart spring outfit, and being a leather brogue, they’re transferable from season to season.

If you’re heading out out, and really want to make a statement, then who else do we talk about other than Jeffery West? Harbour has just landed in the store – a beautiful Derby wingtip as part of their Goodyear Welted collection.

They feature a woven leather vamp and tongue, a red leather insole, embossed leather sole and those signature diamond punches on the edges and toe box. If you’re feeling extra showy then go bold with the aptly named Flash.

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Stylish Winter Boots

Be prepared for those blustery November days with a solid pair of boots. This season’s colour palettes and detail trends broaden across both the men and women’s department, with deep reds, burgundy, and warm shades of brown and exquisite attention to detail.

Although traditionally used in men’s footwear, women don’t have to miss out on those classic last shapes and brogue detailing anymore. Wonders have given us a statement ankle boot in black and cherry red, with a chunky sole and an easy-to-slip-on zip on the inside.

The colour combinations in the Barker womens collection are more than eye-catching. This blue and red pair have been disappearing off shelves since the moment they arrived, and with a decent suede brush you can keep these looking good as new.

 Pikolinos have been experimenting with their mens collection using Vibram’s recycled Ecostep sole unit, it’s hard wearing with a soft leather upper and inside zip – a great option for everyday wear as its super comfy.

Loake has offered a stocky tan leather ankle boot, with wonderful brogue detailing and that ever-classic Goodyear Welted sole. These guys will last a lifetime, and will only look and feel better with age. Pictured here, Christian wears them loosely laced with trousers tucked behind the tongue for a more casual feel.

Red Wing is another chunky member of the autumn collection. Handmade in Minnesota, USA, these boots are born out of workwear and are super tough.  They’ve gone for a deep red wine shade upper, black laces and statement white exposed stitching.

Cheaney haven’t missed out on those red wine shades this season. They’ve combined it with a darker shaded winged tip and smart black sole unit, to make the ideal pair to travel from work to dinner.

The classics are classics for a reason. They last a lifetime and never look out dated. Barker is a great go-to brand for the ever-loved brogue. If you’re feeling bold search online for Haig, McClean or Jackson, and if you want some expert advice, ask a member of our men’s department team. You can find out more from them about how to keep them in tip-top condition too.

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Must Have Summer Flats

As I mentioned last week, I gave up on high heels a long time ago. I wore them for my graduation ceremony, and swore an oath to my feet that I would never again attempt the London underground in a pair.

I’m lucky enough to be in a job where I don’t need to wear them, I’m not a going OUT out kind of girl, and if I’m ever at a party or wedding then all I want to do is dance. I’m uncontrollable when my jam comes on and let’s face it, I’m not the type to be stumbling around like a newly born foal trying to boogie only using my top half…..So flats are the answer.

Whilst at school I had a headmaster who insisted that the female members of sixth form wore heels to ensure they looked ‘smart’. I was all too quick to point out that it is in fact, the 21 st Century, and although flat shoes back then weren’t always the most attractive, we needed to cart the same number of books from class to class as our male co-learners and… I think I made my point…there is now, however, a huge selection of super smart FLAT shoes that are comfortable, fashionable and don’t make your toes bleed. Here are a few of ours from this season…

First up we have Wonders, a beautiful Spanish brand introduced last week. 3152 Tormes is available in black and taupe and is the sweetest summer shoe. The t-bar brings back memories of traditional school schoes, and the patent leather faux reptile print with cut-out detail adds a contemporary feel.

Wonders 3152 Tormes in Black and Taupe £97.50

Wonders 3152 Tormes in Black and Taupe £97.50

It has the tiniest of heels (1.5cm), just enough to give a little lift and the adjustable buckle ensures they fit like a dream. Easy to walk in and very elegant. In black, they’d be great for the office, and the neutral taupe would go well with 50s style cropped trousers or a pencil skirt.

Wonders 3152 Tormes in Black £97.50

Wonders 3152 Tormes in Black £97.50

When it comes to a slip-on loafer, Pikolinos have got this one,W5G-3569 Royal. It’s all about the small details. The top line has a tiny fringe all the way around and the front section has a mesh-like laser cut-out feature with a bold leather band and those timeless tassels.

Pikolinos W5G-3569 Royal £89.99

Pikolinos W5G-3569 Royal £89.99

The streak of yellow along the sole unit brings them to life and the leather upper and lining will embrace your feet throughout those long days. They’re available in demin and brandy. Slip on your favourite pair of skinny jeans, a crisp white shirt and grab your Wayfarers.

Pikolinos W5G-3569 Royal £89.99

Pikolinos W5G-3569 Royal £89.99

There was a time when I thought full fringes belonged on the golf course. Shoe fringes that is. This delicate number have changed my mind. They would look lovely on the golf course, but they’d also look stunning at a wedding reception, in a resteraunt or stood in line at a swanky bar.

Hispanitas have done it again. 62497 Florencia , in jeans and new shade white, features only the heel and toe of the shoe, making it oh so fancy. 62497 Florencia  is available in a limited range of  sizes so make sure you don’y miss out!

Hispanitas 62497 Florencia in Jeans £95.00 and Hispanitas BV62946 bag in Jeans £155.00

Hispanitas 62497 Florencia in Jeans £95.00 and Hispanitas BV62946 bag in Jeans £155.00

The pointed toe looks polished and refined and the tiny buckle on the front adds a pretty point of interest. The cushioned sole and a small elastic grip guarantee comfort and walkability.

Hispanitas 62497 Florencia in Jeans £95.00 and Hispanitas BV62946 bag in Jeans £155.00

Hispanitas 62497 Florencia in Jeans £95.00 and Hispanitas BV62946 bag in Jeans £155.00

I remember when ballet pumps came into fashion. Everyone wore them and they were completely flat, with a drastic and unflatteringly low top line. I think they might have been predominantly constructed of cardboard, as they seemed to just dissolve at the first hint of rain drops. Those days are long gone, but leather shoes do need looking after. Use a good protector spray on them to keep the colour looking fresh and treat them to some leather cream every now and again to make sure they’re kept soft and supple.

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Summer Flatform Sandals

Waking up to a stunning spring morning; there’s nothing quite like it. Light pours through the window as you stand having the first daily cup of tea, blossom brings trees back to life, and there’s an inkling of summer on the horizon…

Cut to later that afternoon. The sky is on the verge of downpour, possibly even snow, and you decided, in your innocence, to wear sandals. What did you learn? Never trust British weather.

Despite the elements still being a little temperamental, we’re starting to get in the mood for summer here at Golden Boot. Deliveries are coming in thick and fast, so here’s a taster, a little aperitif of what’s to come this season…

This week we’re talking flatforms. They vary from chunky and 90s-esque, to sleek and civilized; it’s not necessary to go full on Spice Girl just to get a bit of height.

Talking of Spice Girl, first up is a brilliant white pair from Teva. The brand’s history is steeped in a principle that ‘inside every person is an adventurous spirit waiting to be tapped’. Now, you’re not going to be doing huge amounts of adventuring in these, but they will go really nicely with light blue jeans. Roll them up a couple of times and show off the ankle strap detail. Pair with a laid back t-shirt for the weekend. Alternatively, if you’re like me and love a monochrome outfit, go for some black cigarette trousers and a crisp white shirt, creating a perfectly bold look for the office, with a little added statement.

The sole is made from a durable rubber, and the foot bed is very comfortable. I recently went on a trip to India and wore the Teva Original (in purple) on walks and treks across various terrains. Being considerably lower in the platform department, they’re absolutely perfect for all types of adventuring, and I’m still pottering about inthe garden with them now. The flatform version is available here, Teva Flatform Sandal at £45 , and come in sizes 4-8. If you’re an adventure seeker, then click here, Teva.

Next up, the Pikolinos. Available in blue and tan, they have a leather upper and lining, and make a great day-wearer. The ankle strap is adjustable and they add just the right amount of height for any day-to- day outfit. Two bold straps cross over the top of the foot, and a bright white platform provides the perfect partner for some nautical stripes.

If you hadn’t guessed by the name, Pikolinos have a real Mediterranean outlook. Having launched in 1984, they’re intention is to maintain the unique, high quality of their products with expertise and true craftsmanship. They’re leather tanning and processing is all done in-house and their ethos is driven by comfort and wear ability, over seasonal trends. This sandal is top quality, elegant, easy to wear and will still be worn in a few summer’s time. These come in at £79.99, and are available in European sizes 37-42. Pick your colour here! Pikolinos W1G-0757 Mykonos

Lastly, allow me to introduce Art, a new brand with us for Spring/Summer 2016. At Art HQ, they love a good laugh and promote their footwear with a mentality of being forever young, happy and carefree. Delightful! And the funky 4cm sole unit on this design is a true reflection of that. Lively stripes are matched with an organic looking, pared back leather upper, and the raw edge straps are Velcro adjustable. Art pride themselves on their innovation and ability to successfully interpret the view of their European market, and translate this into their one-of- a-kind concepts. These are perfect for someone wanting something unusual for this year. They’re easy-going and versatile. Perfect for garden parties and sunny pub garden sessions. Pop on a sweet summer dress and get them here Art 0486 Mykonos for £67.

To find out more about our spring and summer collections, visit our website www.thegoldenboot.co.uk or come in store and have a chat with one of our expert staff members.

Words, styling and images: Helen Barton

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Spring Drive

Driving shoes are always popular, the flexible designs have a very loyal fan base. This season Geox and Pikolinos are leading the way with soft soled design.

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