Gabor Agassi Review

Gabor Agassi Review

Anne decided on a pair of Gabor Agassi for her work shoes, here is what she has to say about the classic pump.

I chose Gabor Agassi as I wanted something that would be comfortable but still smart.

As I’m expecting, comfort is especially important to me, I’m on my feet for 7 hours at work and so I needed to be sure that these pumps would be easy to wear. Gabor Agassi has been fantastic, they’re soft on the foot but still support me, and the little heel helps me to balance.

I wear both skirts and trousers at work and so it’s another bonus that these shoes would suit both.

Working in a shoe shop I know about shoe care, and as a busy mum I really don’t want to spend hours cleaning my shoes. That is the one downside to Gabor Agassi as they are a mix of patent and leather. The shoes are easy to keep clean once you have the right products but ideally you need two separate shoe care products- patent gloss for the toe cap and black leather cream for everything else.

I’m so pleased with my purchase, I always like Gabor shoes but this is my favourite pump to date.


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