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Welcome to The Golden Boot. My name is Edward and I’m the seventh generation of my family to be running the business. Shopping at The Golden Boot is a truly unique experience, one that we wish our online customers to benefit from as well, so we have created this website to include all our wonderful in-store shopping features. We will create product recommendations specifically for you, based on what you love and generated from our experienced shop-floor team. If you’re ever in need of any advice on brands, styles, specific products or fitting, we have people on hand to guide you to finding your perfect purchase.

Golden Boot Service…Out of this world !!

Golden Boot Service…Out of this world !!


On occasion, while striding through this flash of light bookended by two great eternities we call life. A discovery is made that reaffirms ones faith in the order of things. So although we can see the universe at the point it was just the size of a marble and when Professor Higgs has had his boson confirmed some things, such as amazing service, remain timeless.

When the going gets tough and the day job absorbs time to the extent that everything else takes second place you need to rely on other people.  Such it was when discovering on Thursday that one’s dress shoes, required for an event on Friday evening, four hours drive from base, are unfit to serve as the occasion demands. This problem is of little consequence if one is a customer of The Golden Boot. A perusal of their web site reveals any number of formal shoes that might fit the bill – but what to choose. The 3D views make narrowing the field down but as to the final choice?

A call to the shop in Maidstone results in sage advice – “those won’t fit you sir”, one has been a customer for 30 plus years, “those won’t suit you sir, may I recommend, will you be collecting sir or should we deliver them to you”. So to a choice of two pairs and, as these latter delivery options were not possible it was agreed that the shoes would await me at Morston Hall in Norfolk on arrival the following afternoon.

So it proved, after leaving Greenwich as late as seemly for the trickle up the M11, through Suffolk and into Norfolk, arriving a few minutes before the required hour the shoes where there waiting as had been promised. Never for a moment did one think they would not and, such was the confidence in this, no backup plan was made. Both pairs fitted perfectly but one suited better so got the role as footwear of choice for the gathering.

mike sharp blogMike wears The Golden Boot – Dexter

Sometimes in a changing world one needs to rely on other people’s thoughtful attention to detail, knowledge of their customer and willingness to go the extra mile to make sure they are delighted, consider it done at The Golden Boot.

Mike Sharp
Principle at The Royal Greenwich UTC


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