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Go Bright

Harriet is off to a wedding later this year and has bought this beautiful scarf print dress from River Island.

Weddings are a great time to go brave and wear a colourful outfit to celebrate the special day.

The vibrant printed shift dress from River Island has so many colours for you to pick from, including pinks, oranges and golds but Harriet has decided on Yellow to accessorise her outfit.

Harriet has decided on Wonders Candy will look great with the dress, and will add to the fun feel of the dress and keep the look formal. The cork wedge heel compliments the soft lemon yellow upper and the rose detail at the toe is a great design feature.

If Harriet wanted to wear the dress on a more informal occasion Unisa Atruc may be a suitable choice. The gold beading along the centre of the flat sandal would highlight the gold of the scarf print.

Peter Kasier Samos would also go nicely with The River Island dress, picking out the slim pink detail in the dress but a wedge like the cork heel on Wonders Candy may be more suitable if you will be on your feet all day at the wedding.



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