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Hunter Adjustable Review

This is Jo, she got her Hunter adjustable boots for Christmas and has been really pleased with the gift.

I  wanted a pair of Hunters for Christmas as I wear wellingtons a lot and I wanted a premium quality boot. In the past I settled for cheaper boots but more often than not they ended up letting in water and I have bought so many over the years that in the long run I wish I would have gone for Hunters earlier.


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How to Care for your Hunter Wellingtons

Hunter are famous for their colourful glossy rubber wellingtons but you may find that if stored for a long period of time a cloudy, almost dusty finish may occur. This is a natural occurance, it is actually a sign of the best quality latex, it happens when insoluble particles rise to the surface of the boot.

The problem is easily rectified with Hunter UV Tech spray which will help to preserve the colour and flexibilty of your Hunter boots keeping them looking like new.

In this video we have found a particularily cloudy pair of green Hunters to show you the effects of Hunter UV Tech.


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Hunter Kids Window

Ready for the wet January weather our Kid’s window is now dedicated to Hunter Wellies.


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