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Ecco Biom Pumps

Biom Pumps are new to The Golden Boot for the Summer.

Ecco have used their extensive footwear experience to create their Biom range. The Biom shoes replicate how your feet move while they are bare and encourage you to move as nature intended.

At first the Ecco Biom range focused on running trainers, looking at the design of conventional trainers and adapting it to encourage a more natural motion. Conventional shoes have excessively cushioned sole units which encourage you to put full force on your heel and lower joints. Biom shoes will reduce impact on your joints and actually help to train your lower leg muscles.

Ecco Biom Ballerina 802083 is an excellent all round shoe. It has an extremely lightweight and soft suede upper which offers ample protection for your foot. The pump has an anatomical last shape for natural foot support and is constructed with a low to the ground mid-sole shape which encourages you to walk like you are barefoot. This will give you a more powerful push off to make you feel like you can cover more distance comfortably and will strengthen your lower leg muscles just like when you walk on the sand. The super thin TPU out-sole is really flexible but provides excellent grip on a variety of surfaces. The fit should be snug but comfortable, this will deliver all the support that your foot needs. Ecco Biom Ballerina looks good but most importantly your feet will feel comfortable. The stylish design is great for city walking.

Coming soon….

For the Winter we are introducing Biom Hiking Boots which will have all the same bare foot technology as these Ecco pumps but will be suitable for rocky terrains, and rugged outdoor pursuits.

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Merrell Barefoot Technology

Merrell Barefoot technology, the idea of a minamalist trainer that makes it feel like you are running barefoot. Here is a review on the new innovative footwear designs from Merrell.

Everybody is talking about Merrell Barefoot technology. The new concept has been seen in The Times and Men’s Fitness. (more…)

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