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Welcome to The Golden Boot. My name is Edward and I’m the seventh generation of my family to be running the business. Shopping at The Golden Boot is a truly unique experience, one that we wish our online customers to benefit from as well, so we have created this website to include all our wonderful in-store shopping features. We will create product recommendations specifically for you, based on what you love and generated from our experienced shop-floor team. If you’re ever in need of any advice on brands, styles, specific products or fitting, we have people on hand to guide you to finding your perfect purchase.

Sendra boots handmade in Spain.

Sendra boots handmade in Spain.

At The Golden Boot our emphasis is on finding and working with exciting and innovative brands, with a particular focus on quality. We have been working with a number of Spanish brands that have grown in popularity each season.

Brands such as Hispanitas, Wonders and Magnanni are all family owned and run and everything they produce is made in Spain. They all operate their businesses with a very similar ethos to our own. It is very refreshing to meet companies that are more interested in how you represent and promote their product rather than how much you buy! We have a  great relationship with all of these Spanish suppliers and over the years they have become good friends.

Every season our Spanish contacts recommend a number of other brands and factories that are doing something a little different and this allows us to keep ahead of the game.  Sometimes the suggestions just aren’t right for The Golden Boot, but on other occasions the lead turns out to be spot on. Last season it was a fantastic factory called Paula Urban who make a range of wonderful sandals, and this season it was to be a brand called Sendra. I have visited many shoe factories before but I wasn’t quite prepared for what I was going to see when we visited this brand for the first time.

Leather Room One


First I must explain that Sendra specialises in making handmade cowboy and biker boots. They are recognised as being one of the best in the industry and have a strong celebrity following, but are pretty much unknown in the UK. I met my contact Pedro and he accompanied me to the sample room. Most sample rooms are meticulously organised with  the current seasons collection beautifully arranged. The sample room at Sendra was a little less orthodox.

Leather Room Two

leather room

We walked in and I was confronted with a room packed full of boots, of all different styles and seemingly endless combinations of colour and leather choices. ‘Be creative!’ Pedro says to me, and went on to explain that I could have any of the different boot styles made up in any combination of leather and colour that I wanted. I hardly knew where to begin!

Sample Room

sample room

Our boots in production

boots in production.jpg newAfter a great deal of playing around, our own unique collection began to take shape.  I chose and worked with three different boot silhouettes which are all pull on styles. I kept the leathers all very wearable using tan and waxed brown and added interest with really eye-catching stitch features and trim details. I really hope you like this small collection as it really offers something completely unique and very special.

You won’t find these boots anywhere else !

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