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Welcome to The Golden Boot. My name is Edward and I’m the seventh generation of my family to be running the business. Shopping at The Golden Boot is a truly unique experience, one that we wish our online customers to benefit from as well, so we have created this website to include all our wonderful in-store shopping features. We will create product recommendations specifically for you, based on what you love and generated from our experienced shop-floor team. If you’re ever in need of any advice on brands, styles, specific products or fitting, we have people on hand to guide you to finding your perfect purchase.

Jeffery West celebrating 25 years of shoe making.

Jeffery West celebrating 25 years of shoe making.

Raise your glasses to Jeffery~West celebrating 25 years of shoe making excellence.

Mark Jeffery and Guy West founded the gentlemans footwear maker Jeffery~West 25 years ago. In mark of this occasion Jeffery~West have collaborated with Phipps NBC and brewed a very limited edition Ale, the Jeffery West Shoemakers Celebrated Ale.

We have 20 bottles to give away with every full price pair of Jeffery West Shoes. First Come First Served.

So why a Shoe makers Clebrated ale? Well it all came about because of ‘Shoemaker’s Monday’!

Northhampton is the birthplace of English Shoemaking, before the introduction of mechanisation, shoe makers would work autonomously, they would work extremely long hours all week often delivering their product to the supplier on Sundays in order to get paid. On payment a trip to the pub was always in order. The Crispin Arms (Saint Crispin the patron saint of shoe making ) was the general venue of choice for the towns cordwainers. It was a common fact that often so much alcohol was consumed, that Monday needed to become a day of rest in order to recover, the practice became commonly known as. ‘shoemakers Monday’.

The Crispin Arms was owned by Phipps& Co. established in 1817 it was a Northamptonshire favorite. Unfortunatley due to the rise in popularity of Keg beers and lagers over traditional real ales, Phipps & Co brewed their last bottled beer in 1974. that is until in 2004 the brothers Quentin and Alaric Neville, bought the rights to Phipps NBC. Their intention was to brew beers based on historical authenticity.

You couldnt  find a more worthy brewery to make Jeffery West’s Shoemakers clebrated ale. So kick back with your new pair of Jeffery Wests and have a slug of beer, beer with a little historial significance!

Read more about the ale on Jeffery~West website:

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