Geox Red Bull Formula 1 Shoes

Geox Red Bull Formula 1 Shoes

 Geox and Red Bull have collaborated to design high performance footwear suitable for F1 conditions which is avaliable to buy from The Golden Boot.

Geox are official partners to the Red Bull F1 team and provide all of their racing footwear. The famous brand have used all their technolgical know how and experience of the extreme conditions associated with the sport to make the same high performace technolgy avaliable to our customers. This means that the two replica styles that we stock really do follow all the strict standards as the shoes worn by Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber while racing.

The brand collaboration has used both collabortaion and research to produce footwear that is built to cope with high temperatures, tension and extreme driving. In fact Geox U221GM F1 Redbull is the first fully breatable racing boot ever produced.

Both styles in the specialist range are made from Kangaroo leather which is chosen for it’s maleable qualiaties. The lightweight leather fits like a glove against the foot for the ultimate comfortable experience but remains hard wearing and durable.

In compliance with FIA, all F1 boots have to be fireproof and so both these Geox styles avaliable for you to buy are also fireproof, although we do not recommend testing this theory out!

The rubber sole unit on these boots is key to speed driving, it has an ultra flat design so that it fits exactly against the pedal with excellent grip properties to ensure no slipping while racing. The soles of these two Geox styles are again fireproof and anti abrasion and has large perforations all over the surface for breathability.


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