Hunter Originals Review

Katie loves her Hunter Originals in Red, below she explains why………

I like walks in the countryside, I’m at Knowle Park in my Hunter wellingtons here.

The boots keep my feet really warm especially when I am wearing my fleece welly socks. I have even worn my Hunters in the snow! I went for the cream socks as they suit the red glossy boot and as they are neutral they go with everything.

I have a long journey to and from work and I have to wait at the train station for ages after work, in fact this is why I bought my Hunters in the first place. It’s not so bad now as it’s still light when I leave work but in the cold and wet winter months it was horrible. For this my Hunters are just brilliant, if my feet get cold then I get cold and miserable but in my Hunters and fleece socks my feet kept toasty warm and with a thick warm coat waiting was bearable! I always remember the day I went to Colchester Zoo when it was chucking down with rain but because I was wearing my Hunter’s it didn’t ruin the day.

My Hunter’s were definitely worth the money, I still wear them now in the summer but know that I will get more wear out of them next winter.

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