Clarks school shoe review- Air Humber

This pair of school shoes from Bootleg have survived a year at school!

 This is Air Humber from Clarks, it was Christopher’s shoe before he outgrew them, and we hope you agree that they are looking quite good especially as he has worn them since last March.

These Clarks school shoes have been out in all weathers including snow, rain and sunshine and were also Christopher’s weekend shoes so they have been on his feet for mostly 7 days a week since last March.

As you can see the soles have even fared pretty well, especially when you consider that Christopher has to walk three miles a day to get to school (this doesn’t even inclue all the steps he takes while at school) he also ride his bike to the train station everyday which on a round trip is 6 miles!

Christopher’s Mum Jaki says that he always end up in Clarks school shoes and she is always impressed with the quality, she says it is a good sign that even at 14 he is still out growing the shoes rather than them falling apart.

Air Humber will be replaced by Air Surrey for Back to School 2012.

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