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Welcome to The Golden Boot. My name is Edward and I’m the seventh generation of my family to be running the business. Shopping at The Golden Boot is a truly unique experience, one that we wish our online customers to benefit from as well, so we have created this website to include all our wonderful in-store shopping features. We will create product recommendations specifically for you, based on what you love and generated from our experienced shop-floor team. If you’re ever in need of any advice on brands, styles, specific products or fitting, we have people on hand to guide you to finding your perfect purchase.

Tamaris Erin

Tamaris Erin

When this brogue from Tamaris arrived in store both Tracy and I fell in love!

We liked the classic brogue design, and in the tan it’s a really versatile style.

Because we work in a shoe shop and yes, because we’re both a bit sad we have been regularily swapping notes on how they’re going.

The one thing you may notice about the picture above, is that the pair on the right (Tracy’s) looks a tad better than mine on the left. I asked whether Tracy had worn her’s in the rain, as I know I had got caught in a heavy shower and thought this might be the reason, but she has also worn them in the rain. Then Tracy smuggly pointed out “you haven’t been using your protector spray, have you??” and although I hate to admit it she’s right.

We both have found Tamaris Erin really comfortable to wear but the one problem with the shoe is that the leather style sole is a bit slippy, especially on tiled floors.

Tracy fixed the problem straight away, taking the shoes to The County Cobbler to have rubber heels fitted.

Tracy has said that this completely fixed the problem and she no longer finds the soles slippy, and so I think I am going to have to visit the County Cobbler and also start using protector spray to keep Tamaris Erin shoes looking their best!


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