My Panama Jack 0201 Boots

Ed has had these Panama Jack boots for 5 years, here is his review-

When customers come into the shop asking for a comfortable waterproof boot I always lead them to our Panama Jack selection.

I really don’t think that you will find a better boot at this price. I always think of the boot as a ‘Jack of all trades’ style. It will compete with all the Gore-Tex lined walking boots for outdoor activity functionality but it’s equally happy teamed up with a pair of jeans and having a pint down the local!

I love these boots, my last pair is nearly 5 years old and if I’m, honest I haven’t looked after them very well. In fact the only thing I have done is treat them to a new pair of laces!

Now, due to their rather weathered appearance they have now become my workshop / garden boots but I can’t recommend these boots more highly, to me they really are ‘the king of boots’!

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One Response to My Panama Jack 0201 Boots

  1. Marion says:

    Please let me clean them and feed them with leather cream, they are crying out for care

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