Merrell Barefoot Technology

Merrell Barefoot Technology

Merrell Barefoot technology, the idea of a minamalist trainer that makes it feel like you are running barefoot. Here is a review on the new innovative footwear designs from Merrell.

Everybody is talking about Merrell Barefoot technology. The new concept has been seen in The Times and Men’s Fitness.


It’s easy to see what the excitement is over, here is some information about the new Barefoot technology from Performance Footwear brand Merrell.

  • Barefoot shoes are extremely lightweight and designed to replicate you running bare foot.
  • Barefoot trainers are designed to work with your body’s natural mechanics. Merrell say that nature has provided you with the ultimate running technology and so they have decided that encouraging your foot’s natural actions are the key to successful running.
  • The lightweight shoes curve to the natural shape of your foot and realign your body to create a more natural running form.
  • Barefoot shoes stimulates muscle groups and strengthens and tones your body.
  • Barefoot styles are 0mm drop footwear. This means that unlike traditional running shoes which elevates the heel by roughly 8-12mm in Barefoot your foot is flat to the floor.
  • Barefoot shoes improve strength, endurance and agility.
  • Barefoot shoes promote your natural foot landing, this increases stability and balance.
  • Barefoot trainers encourage you to take smaller steps which conserves energy and prevents you over striding.
  • If you run in Barefoot trainers, they position you so that your chest is open so it is easier to breathe and they help you to run as you would naturally do so making you relax and enjoy the run.
  • The shoes curve to the natural shape of your foot and help to realign your body to a more natural running shape.

Here are the Barefoot Merrell styles that we have on offer from The Golden Boot-

Merrell Bare Access Arc is designed for long distance female runners. The style feels as if you are running barefoot but it has a neoprene cushioned sole for just a little extra padding.
The lightweight design allows your foot to land flat rather than on the heel which is better as it replicates your natural running motion. The style has a synthetic upper which repels water and there are small reflective details. The sole has sticky rubber pods for good traction and a zero drop so that you do not put excess pressure on you heel.
To clean Bare Access Arc you should wash it in cold water and leave it to dry naturally.

Merrell Trail Glove for Men weighs in at just 351.6 grams approximately and is designed to fit the foot like a glove. The design has a vibram sole unit with a fused rubber toe bumper for extra protection. Trail Glove is a natural adventure shoe, it offers enough protection for your foot for you to cover all terrains.
Inside the shoe there is a microfiber foot bed which has been specially treated with an antimicrobal treatment.

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