Boot Shaper Product Review

If you have just invested in some winter boots and want to keep them looking their absolute best, you should invest in some Dasco bootshapers.

Bootshapers are really easy to use, and the adjustable design means that they will fit any knee length boot.

Key Benefits of bootshapers
1. They help to prevent cracking and creasing in the leather of your boots, helping to maintain their appearance.
2. Bootshapers make a great cleaning aid, allowing you to polish and dry the boots standing up makes the job so much easier.
3. Dasco Bootshapers are great for storage, especially when you put them away ready for next winter. You can stand the boots up in the bottom of your wardrobe or even hang them on a hanger.
4. The cut out design allows air to circulate throughout the boot, helping to prevent foot odour.

For any pair of bootshapers bought, The Golden Boot will donate 50p to Breast Cancer Research, not only will your boots remain in pristine condition but most importantly you will be making a difference to the lives of thousands of women suffering from the disease.
To raise awareness we have some special edition Dasco pink bootshapers, a perfect compliment to your new boots.

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