Don’t worry about suede

Suede is soft, dressy, fashionable and smart, but how do you keep your suede shoes in good condition?

Don’t worry about suede.

Ensure your suede is premium quality, all our shoes and boots are made using fine nape suede meaning they stay looking new for longer.

Protect your suede with our “All protector” spray which protects against water and stains. See for yourself in this video clip:

If you do get a stubborn stain, use our “Suede and Nubuck Dry Cleaner” which will lift out dirt and stains. Any dust/mud can be removed using a multi suede brush, make sure to brush in the direction of the nape.

Lastly suede is soft and therefore we recommend shoe trees to keep them in shape when you are not wearing them.

As we said; don’t worry about suede.


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