Review: Dasco shoe labels

Review: Dasco shoe labels

At The Golden Boot we try to offer the best products available and make your life easier especially during the stressful back to school period.

We believe these shoe labels are absoutely brilliant. They are a must-have for any childrens school shoes, plimsols and trainers. They make sure that you child comes home in the right shoes after the P.E.

When you buy Dasco Kids Shoe Labels from The Golden Boot you get a set of 12 labels which will label 6 pairs of shoes.

The labels sit on a peelable base. The actual label is just paper which allows you to write on it with a ball point pen. Above the label there is a sticky layer of clear film which is conveniently aligned to the label. The clear film protects the label from rubbing off.

Once you have written on the label, it goes on the inside of the shoe, in the heel area.

You can buy Dasco shoe labels instore and online.

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